Annual Planning 2019: Session 1 Live With Paul Gough Physio Rooms Staff

Join me live at the start of my Annual Meeting with my Physio Rooms team as we look ahead to 2019. In the first session of the three-day meeting, we always discuss what worked well in the last 12 months and this gives my team the chance to tell me what they think we did well…

We openly discuss things like why our patients are happier to come back and spend more money with us these days… how we get more completed plans of care… what I call the "second-order consequence" of making decisions… not taking crap off of third-party referrers… and why getting comfortable with uncomfortable sales conversations in the beginning, makes things easier for everyone (patients included), later.

Enjoy listening to the discussion with my amazing team at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms and listen carefully to their responses just as much as mine…

If you'd like to find out how you can get the opportunity to work with Paul to make a strategic plan for your business to hit the next level of growth and profit for your clinic at his next "Strategic Planning" day - reach out to paul@paulgough.com for more information.

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