Hartlepool: Another Open Audience with Vicki Smith

Vicki (my practice manageress) and many of my clinic staff, contribute heavily to the Mastermind meetings I hold - speaking to my staff is often better than learning from me! This one is another “Q&A” with Vicki as I leave her to answer any and every question from the group about what goes on at my practice and how I grew it.

This is as real and authentic as it gets - no questions are off limits (and I’m not even in the room to hear the answers) that is because I am 100% committed to sharing with you every aspect of my business - without fear or reservation. I know the best way to help you is for you to know that everything I am teaching you to do - is what I am doing myself.

I have no idea what you will hear on this podcast - but I know that anything and everything that comes out of Vicki’s mouth is going to be solid gold.

She is the super-star attraction at any of my events and I am blessed to have her run my practice as I fly around the world sharing my message with you all.

For details on how to join the UK or US Mastermind Events, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind

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