New Orleans (Part 2): "I Just Want To..."

So here’s part 2 of the discussion that I had on the morning of Day 2 (of the 3-day Marketing Workshop from New Orleans…)

In this one you’ll hear us discuss the importance of recognizing your patients "true intent". I’ve said it many times that not all patients are created equal - and they don’t all arrive equal either.

One distinction you can often make between a patient who is ready to go (and one who needs a little more “love”) is in how they ask their first question on the phone…

A patient who starts with “I just want to know…” is in a very different frame of mind from one who says “I’m calling to find out more about…”. One is open - one is closed off. It’s important you recognize both as they both need handling very differently.

This is a great discussion with lots of implications for how you handle the first call and ultimately, your chance of converting from inquiry to paying patient.

As well as that, you’ll hear us talk about something called the “endowment effect” and what it means for the bank account I call “Paul's Profit Account”… you'll also discover how to get patients more comfortable when they arrive… and why the highest paid employee in ANY successful business is always the Director of Marketing (…yet most PT clinics pay them the least!).

Enjoy the show - and be sure to check out our new “Cash Club” Community that is perfect for our global collective of Podcast listeners.

Details at: www.ptprofitacademy.com/cash-club

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