Business Meeting in NYC - with “Prehab”


This one is live from Manhattan where I spent the afternoon with one of the top clinics in NYC - “Prehab”…

This turned out to be a great couple of hours meeting with the awesome staff of Prehab and I’m glad I’m able to share some of it with you…

Listen in as I talk about why; just because they’re “higher earners”, doesn’t mean they have money available… why “care credit” puts people off… the reason most businesses take so-long to become successful…
how to decide how much to spend on Marketing... and how to use things like Pilates and Wellness Classes as a gateway to your Cash-Pay PT services...

The first few minutes you will hear some back ground noise as a patient comes in to book an appointment (this was live after all) - after that, it will quieten down so turn me up and listen hard for your gold-nuggets of business advice…

If you want more information on working with Paul, head here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind

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