Keynote: The No.1 Skill Set Needed For Stunning Success in Business…

I love speaking in front of big audiences - and was thrilled to be invited as a Keynote speaker at Greg Todd’s “SSPT Live” Event recently in Florida, where the room was PACKED and the energy was HIGH!

This is one I think you’ll want to listen to more than once - I cover what I believe to be the most important skill set needed to be successful in business, how you communicate your value and the fundamental mistakes that business owners are making with their Marketing…

I start the Keynote by telling the audience a true story about “FEAR” - and how as business owners it is important for us to “see beyond the fear” personally, and just as important, recognize that the very same fear that holds you and I back from making important decisions about our business is also holding our PATIENTS back from making important decisions about their health! When you truly understand the implications of this - business success becomes much easier…

Enjoy listening - and if you want to WATCH the full keynote just head over to my Youtube channel: bit.ly/2wnjLqG

If you want to come to the next SSPT LIVE Event in Florida, the full details are here: bit.ly/2uhXysx

Order your seat through this link then reach out to me via my email (paul@paulgough.com) and I’ll bring you to my private dinner the night before the event!

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