Key Take-Aways From 2 Days Spent Masterminding On My Own Business (Q2, 2017)

Even as my schedule gets busier - and my days get crazier - I never stop doing the one thing that excites me the most and that’s learning how to solve problems in my business…

This episode catches some of that and was recorded live while driving home immediately following a 2-Day Mastermind Event that I attend in the UK at the beginning of every financial Quarter.

I sat for two-full days with 7 other top business owners and at the end of presenting my big strategic problems - each of them gives me their key-takeaways to take action upon.

This episode is me reflecting upon those key take-aways on my way home - and it’s as much for ME to listen back to in weeks, months and years to come - as it is for you to learn from NOW.

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