EP016: If You Can’t Raise Your Prices - What Are You Doing Wrong?

Every successful Physical Therapy Clinic has one thing in common - they are able to command DRASTICALLY higher prices than their competition.

They are not only able to charge higher prices than most - they’re able to do it without the fear of losing any patients.

At my own clinic - the Paul Gough Physio Rooms - we are charging the equivalent of “$150” for a visit.

When most of the private physio clinic owners in my area are charing “$60” equivalent (at best)…

So how can we charge 150% more than them for providing the “same service” - and without fear of losing all our patients?

Well, that’s something that I talk about in-depth on this latest Episode of the Podcast - and comes in response to talking to a PT from Orlando, who told me that she’s only “able” to charge “$80” for a one hour session.

My response?:

“What the hell
is going wrong…”?

Because if you don’t feel as though you can charge higher fees - for fear of losing your patients - then something is going severely wrong in the way you run your business…

On this episode I show you why charging “low” is not only hurting your profits on a day to day basis - it’s possible that by being so low, people wont actually ever come and see you.

On the flip-side of that…

There’s providers out there who patients are choosing simply because they are DRASTICALLY more expensive than anyone else.

When it comes to health - people really do not want to see the “cheapest” but if you’re in the pack - charging close to what everyone else is and the difference is only $5 or $10 per visit, then they will always go with the lowest…

If you are $100 more expensive - they start to ask why you’re so different.

Who do you want to be?

In the pack?


In a league of your own - with people asking you how and why you’re able to command so much more than the others…?

I know which one is more healthy and more profitable and I’m never going back into to the pack!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this Episode:

* How to irritate your competition by charging such high prices that they inadvertently send their best patients to you…

* How people actually make decisions - and why it has nothing to do with cost in 80% of cases

* How to raise your rates so much that people have to ask what makes you different…

* The one simple thing you can TODAY, to give you a premium price strategy

* How to avoid being in the “pack” with all the other PTs all charging way less than they are worth…

* How charging low prices REALLY affects your ability to acquire new patients at your clinic

* How to find a Marketing Budget - without it coming out of your own pocket…

And so much more on this Episode.

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Paul Gough

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