EP007: How To Get Paid To Learn How To Run A Business

On this Episode I start to answer YOUR questions…

…and two of them include:

1. “Is it a good idea to get patients to pay up front for all of their sessions?” - Oliver Cook, UK.


2. “Is it a good idea to work under someone to learn better clinical skills FIRST, before you open your own practice?" - Anonymous, LA.

The questions are great…

…and the answers I give might surprise you a little - especially the one about working “under someone” to learn ...

See, I happen to believe that RIGHT NOW you’ll already have enough clinical skills to make an impact…

…sure, you’re never going to know ALL the answers - but you never will.

But if you are going to “learn” from someone for a year or two - on this Episode I reveal my tips for WHO you should be looking to learn from, and essentially, how to get paid to learn how to run your own successful business.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on Episode 007 of the Podcast:


* How my business continues to thrive DESPITE having 1/3 of my workforce out on maternity leave... (3:44)

* “Should you get clients to pay for a block of treatment up front - or not?”… here’s the answer... (8:13)

* Why the first 2-3 visits from a new patient means you’re always on “TRIAL" … 10:47)

* Why BAD or POOR communication is the No.1 reason for drop offs (not money)... (12:32)

* “I’m moving to LA soon - what jobs should I seek to better prepare me to run a business?”… here’s the answer… (15:44)

* The real 80/20 principle of running a successful PT Business…(19:42)


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