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“Paul’s Team Took Us From Having No Google Presence To The Top of Google Listings”

Ashley Hornsby – Thrive PT – Lake Charles, LA

Thanks to Paul’s Online Domination team, Thrive PT is, well, thriving.

The business, based in Lake Charles, LA has come through some testing times, with Covid and one of their locations being hit by a hurricane.

But regular returns from online advertising means both Ashley Hornsby and co-owner with Katherine Stewart are able to serve their community and positively look forward to 2021.

Paul’s team is invaluable to us. We trust them and know we are in good hands,” said Ashley.

“It’s been a testing year for us all – Covid and multiple hurricanes that destroy buildings, and shut our clinic, it’s been rocky. We get on the phone every 4 weeks with Rebecca to review our ads and look at how they are working.

“We know the ads work and are in the background, even if we don’t tweak them all the time as much as we need to – we know they remain very effective.

“We are top on Google listings when we run checks incognito to see the results.

“Checking there we are always page one and prominent on Google Maps – it’s certainly effective for us as a business and we really see the benefits of it all.’’

Using the team here at Paul Gough HQ to look after their online advertising needs ensures the business has a strong online presence – and Ashley smiled that the only aspect of internetwork she needs to consider is their own Facebook pages!

It’s been a successful relationship as she explained: “We started and found Paul’s information, a show he did with Jarod Carter around five years ago. We first did Accelerator and then joined Online Domination at that point – we did it because we knew we needed the experts!

“We were the primary therapists and knew if we wanted to implement things that needed to be done, we just had to hire it out. So we got Paul’s experts to develop the website, and Infusionsoft campaigns – we felt it was like having another employee who we didn’t have to manage.

“We didn’t try ourselves, we knew if things were going to happen we needed help. We didn’t have the skills, nor the time, to do it between us. It’s a specialist area and we wanted the specialists to do it

“We jumped in and stayed with them since. The recommendations – Facebook Ads, Google AdWords – it’s all been done by Paul’s team. The only online presence we look after ourselves is our own Facebook posts, everything else and all other aspects are taken care of.”

The business is looking for a new hire, someone to manage their Crowley clinic – and used Google to advertise the position.

Ashely said: “As for a specific campaign – we recently had a hiring campaign to fill the position for a second clinic we are opening.

“I think we are a little different in that we are still primarily an insurance-based clinic. For deals others may offer, it’s something we are unable to do because of the laws around insurance, but using Google and Facebook really works for us.

“For the past six months or so we have done various discovery visit offers for the clinic. I honestly don’t even know what we are doing with Google right now – I leave it to the experts! We talk about Google AdWords on a basic level and leave it to them. I trust them in what they are doing and the results are there for us all to see.

“It’s a specialist area and it works and we get people ringing up the office and finding us and spotting our new location, which is about 45 minutes away from our primary office.

“We have three days of cover there and the days are basically filled and then we are looking to bump it up and need to set up some more calls to really ramp up our marketing there so we can hire someone and get the schedule filled for 5 days a week, not just 3.

“We have had some discovery visits come in, converted to new patients, and then word of mouth spreads, and then when someone comes and experiences us – with a combination of our online presence – we are on a good path.

“If people can’t find us in the first place, to begin with then we don’t start with a patient, so our online presence is vital to let people know we are here for them. Our rough spend is maybe $600-$1000 a month and we know we are getting a good return from that too.

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