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“Even During My Biggest Challenges, Including Contracting Covid, Paul’s Team Worked To Keep My Business Thriving”

Jonathan Ruzicka – RPM Physical Therapy

We had a profitable, growing clinic at the start of 2020, then the pandemic hit and we had our training business shut down and lost 32% in Q2 Year over year.

We made the decision to use our spare time to tighten up our systems and shoot videos.

We started an online program, switch to online sessions for PT and Training along with in-person sessions when clients were willing to come in.

We have had numerous health issues with team members and clients along the way but this whole experience has brought us closer and gave clarity to what really matters.

We are here to help our clients, help each other and build a community that gives people the support to overcome their adversity and get back to living a life they love.

Five Marketing Campaigns’ That Boosted Our Profit

1. Paul-Style Website – It works great, we make edits consistently with Flemming to increase our inquiry rate.

2. Paul’s Online Domination – Google Ads and Facebook – we used them, left and went through 3 other marketers then came back, which was a great decision. We average 9 solid leads a month on Google and 3 good leads on Facebook each month.

3. Speaking Events – They were huge for us, we switched to webinars but did our first speaking event in 10 months and landed 4 DVs out of 20 people that arrived and it was 45 minutes from our clinic.

4. Gifting – When someone sends a referral, we send them a yeti cup with their name on it and thank you card for speaking highly of us, almost everyone texts or calls with a resounding response. Most people come back and some send more people.

5. Infusionsoft – We have a 30-day email campaign that nurtures cold leads with tips and tricks on top of our onboarding campaign that we adapted from Paul’s system.

We Used the Benefits of Paul’s Mastermind Program to Boost Our Confidence in Our Business

1. Facebook Group – I primarily use my CEO thread on Facebook, I don’t actually use Facebook for anything else.

2. Planet Paul Newsletter – I listen to the CDs

3. Weekly Q/A Calls with Paul – I listen back over the weekend while I’m doing things around the house.

4. Monthly Strategy Calls with Barry/Simon – Simon and I speak about what is going on in the clinic and how to hire the right people as that seems to be the most difficult portion of the business at this point.

5. 2-Day Meetings – The last meeting I was listening in one ear while I hung pictures around the house and shuttled the kids around, note pad in hand all day.

6. Networking with other members of the Program – There is a consistent flow of information through our group and the quarterly check-ins and meetings keep me focused on what our goals are and need to be.

Three of Our Biggest Challenges This Year and How We Overcame Them

1. We have the training side of the business that accounts for 30% of the revenue and it was completely shut down for 2 months.

We lost a significant amount of revenue but maintained our entire staff and repurposed them with the online program and had them head up the Social Media presence daily.

2. I got Covid in June, had a fever for 12 days, and had two of my 5 staff got Covid in subsequent weeks. It cost us $30,000 but we came through it and banded together continuing to chase our goals.

3. Our Operations Manager is losing her vision which means she is out of the clinic a day or two every week.

It makes more work for the rest of us but she is an absolute team player and has our support through the challenges she is facing.

I have had a really hard time, not because I am going through it, but just because I care about her so much.

If she wasn’t with me, I would worry about her even more. She is an amazing person and owning the business gives me the unique opportunity to help her grind through this, help others and not give up.

The Top 3 Things We Did This Year That Helped Grow Our Clinic

1. Starting an online program and getting it off the ground has been a great challenge but all the videos we shot during the 3-month time period we were slowed down gave us a ton of content including a nurture system of helpful tip videos that goes every weekday for 30 days.

2. We have been hiring and doing interviews for 8 months of all 3 positions, admin, PT and Trainers.

We added 2 new trainers to the team that have helped tremendously with our ability to maintain long-term training clients and instill confidence in the rest of the team that our training program is truly extraordinary compared to our local competitors.

3. We refocused on training every position and making it reproducible for the next hire to come in with videos, Infusionsoft, and mandatory meetings.

We have increased our retention on the PT maintenance programs and it has helped training clients and PT clients understand where they are in a plan.

Three Pivotal Mindset Shifts That Led To More Profitability And Our Best Year Yet

1. We have an incredible atmosphere to work in and we are only willing to hire the most dedicated and passionate people in our area because the execution on the promises we make to people are everything to our reputation.

2. All of our systems need to be standardized even though every client has their own unique goals.

What they want correlates with standard movement patterns and strength tests on our side and the more objective information we have, the easier it is to keep them focused on reaching our combined goals.

3. We can’t fix everyone, and we don’t need clients that give us problems, grief, or a lack of effort.

This has been a huge shift for me, we have offloaded several clients that were making me dread coming to work and we have focused on strengthening the relationships with clients that will be with us for the long haul while strengthening our communication to help them understand what’s actually possible for their lives. good at it!

Or, I’d better figure out how to hire, train and hold one accountable. Back to that idea of clarity and knowing what you want…

Two Specific Achievements We Made With Our Staff

1. We have more buy-in and teamwork than we have ever had, and it comes down to the communication between departments.

Everyone gets along and asks each other for help as we navigate the best ways of helping all our clients through collaboration.

Even when we have had to let someone go, the team did everything they could to help that person get up to speed so they could stay with us.

It was a selfless attempt on their part which showed a level of empathy I hadn’t seen before BUT it was unsuccessful and they supported the decision because we had all done our part.

Our hiring process has improved tremendously because of those experiences.

2. We have had so many health issues with the team during this pandemic that each person has had to pitch in on different tasks and areas that are outside their comfort zone.

Those experiences have created respect between team members because now they actually understand what each other does and how integral each member is to the whole system.

In addition, our accountability has improved because of oversight but also each team member knows how easy it is to only do their job and hit their scorecards when they don’t have other team members’ tasks on their list.

3 Ways that Paul’s CEO Mastermind Program Contributed to Our Success:

1. My CEO group has helped me focus on hiring and shifting hats so that we can grow based off of other skills that my team members have, giving clarity on what role they have if we keep them on this ride.

2. Sitting down and running through each quarter’s goals and reviewing the previous quarter’s goals is one of the best exercises that anyone can do in a business and it wouldn’t happen without the accountability of my group.

3. Being a part of everyone’s business, knowing their struggles, and watching how they overcome them is a great motivator but also a great opportunity to learn from extraordinary business owners in the PT world.

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