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No Longer a Slave to the Treatment Table after He Built a Business and Stepped Back

For Tim Madsen, it’s not only business that is on an upward curve, so too is his outlook. 

As he is able to step away from the treatment room, he feels refreshed, his mind clearer on his vision. 

He said: “I feel my outlook has changed and my health is a lot better since cutting down my treatment hours. I am able to take care of my health before I take care of the business. My energy levels are a lot higher than they were just a few months ago when it was chaos!” 

is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tim and his team help people aged 40+ stay active, mobile and free of painkillers. 

Tim is hiring, has plans to triple his turnover in the next 2-3 years and is expanding. Since joining Paul’s World, the investment in time and money has proved invaluable. 

He admitted: “I did Accelerator first and joined Cash Club and I was there a few months, then upgraded to the 4% Club after that. It was a big investment for me – something like 20-25% of monthly revenue, but longer term it has proved to be such good value. 

“Things are going well at the moment, we are in a good place. The plan for now is for 1 more physio and 2 more admin staff to stabilize the clinic. Then I have to look for another opportunity to grow as I’m limited with space right now within the facility.  

“I have to figure that step out and see where I can scale up in and around Copenhagen. Right now we might be hitting £260-270000 this year. In 2 or 3 years it should be triple that. My goal for 2022 is to his 550,000 – or 5 million Danish Kroner.

With Paul’s help I can get there and I have my name on the board for CEO Mastermind and Paul and Simon will know when my time is there to step up to CEO level. 

“I feel I have the full trust in the process and the staff in Paul’s team to get to where I want.’’ 

It’s been some ride for Tim and his business since he first encountered Paul and all that goes with him. And Tim even smiled that he looked for a reason NOT to hire him, but was unable to come up with even one! 

He said: “Paul popped up in my Facebook feed and I followed for a period online, then went to his podcast. I was on vacation, halfway around the world, and I was listening to his podcasts and trying to find an excuse for not hiring him. 

“I returned to Denmark and there was no excuse! I emailed him, picked up the phone and got in touch. That’s the beginning of 2018. 

“The last few years have changed my outlook completely. I spoke to Paul and was working 15-20 hours and the business was going up and down, up and down, up and down. 

“I knew I would not be a slave to the treatment table, I wanted to build a business and wanted some help.” 

Enter Paul and his proven and tried and trusted methods.  

The programs resonated with Tim, they were something he could utilize and implement. With a clear structure to follow and learn from, he had a path to follow, a road to head down, a motorway to success.  

He said: “I’ve always been a person who would seek help and advice from someone who knows more than me and I’ve become better at that over the years. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

“I’m the type of person if you were to show me the way and told me what to do, I’m going to execute it. Maybe not as fast as I could, but I’m someone who has a trust in the process and I will try and follow as many things as possible. 

“When I first encountered Paul, I found his business outlook really interesting. It was very different to what others were doing. I had looked at business owners and clinic managers working their butts off and still treating patients.  

“Seeing a guy like Paul who has done such amazing things and being able to withdraw from his own clinic: I knew I wanted to be in that position 

“I’m no longer treating patients and, at the moment I’m talking to some candidates and hope to have someone signed up shortly.” 

Tim is a real part of this community, someone who uses the Wednesday 4% Calls to his advantage, be it the chance to listen or learn or to ask Paul for advice and assistance in problem solving.  He wants to be able to work on developing his marketing plan and marketing strategy. 

And he is reaping the benefits, not only in business but on a personal front too. 

He admitted: “The Wednesday calls are something I enjoy. I use them mainly to clear my head and to compare myself to the problems coming in, making sure nothing is broadsiding me. But Paul’s speech gives me a kick up the ass and makes sure I am on the right track. 

“It’s about being held accountable and there’s an accountability to attend Wednesday calls. I have so much to do and execute, but I make sure I attend each week.  

“I’m not the biggest user or contributor to the community, but I am very confident in the process. I’m not executing everything all the time, there’s lots to do. I could get there quicker if I did that and work more hours, but for now I am confident about all the things I do.” 

He added: “I would call myself a professional introvert – on the edge of being an extrovert. I figured out over the years I was so tired and worn out when I got home from work and treating people. Once I started treating less, my energy came back.  

“Then when I went back into treatment my energy levels dropped again. 

“When I had to be treating people one on one for long periods, it is a difficult time for me. I now have much more energy and I’m thriving on it now and I’m working better on communicating better, being more of an extrovert and becoming way more confident than I was just 2 years ago.  

“As I step back from treatment I see more of an overview of the business. Paul keeps on saying it and there’s proof so far that decisions are so much better when you are outside the treatment room.” 

Tim has also used Paul’s Hiring Book to discover the processes needed to get the best staff, the employees you can rely on to help ease your way out of the treatment room and along the way to becoming the CEO and no longer a busy PT. 

“Not everyone can afford to be in that situation from the get-go, but I think you should work as fast as possible to get to the position to cut down on your clinical hours – or take different roles in the business. Right now, I’m working on the reception, which is ridiculous. I’m hiring an SDR first to worry about retention and customers and then I can find the time to find a new physio and a new admin – so I can withdraw to look at the marketing.  

“I’m enjoying the recruitment process. I’m getting better at it. I’ve now employed 4 people and the process has improved with each individual.”