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“With Paul’s Team, We Get 20 New Leads Per Month and Convert 60% of Them in the First Couple of Weeks”


Brian Cardin, Cardin and Miller PT
Steve Miller, Cardin and Miller PT

For Cardin and Miller PT, Using Paul Gough’s Online Domination was the way to go from the start for the business.

The technical side of Google Ads is, as they say, to the untrained eye, “a nightmare”. So to focus on running their business and take away the tech difficulties that lead to frustrations, Cardin and Miller are so pleased to have moved to Paul’s Team to take care of their online advertising.

“We opted for Team Paul because of their knowledge of physical therapy, their niche background and ease of use,” said Charity Murtorff, the marketing outreach coordinator.

“We never went with a different company to run our ads. Already knowing the team and having a relationship with them really sealed the deal for us.”

“We never really jumped into the Google pool before connecting with Paul Gough. Now, Paul and his band of Google Geeks have made it easier than ever to really help boost our leads coming in from our website – which definitely are a result of running Google Ads alongside of boosting our SEO levels.”

Brian Cardin and Steve Miller believe that focusing on relating with people will give them a leg up on other practices in their area.

Over 14 years later, Cardin & Miller Physical Therapy’s idea of being nice – treating the person not the condition – and teaching people to move better, feel better and live better still stands!

Turning to Team Paul has been a boom to the business in attracting leads online, breaking away from the more traditional mediums of print and radio.

“Google is a Monster – where do you even start?” Charity added: “We had good success with certain print ads and direct mail with direct response/call to action focus, but radio was virtually impossible to measure ROI with.

“We’ve tried some basic Facebook targeting in the past but not consistently or successfully. We currently attempt to keep a consistent posting of regular content now to maintain a social media presence. Google… well, it’s a beast and until this year we weren’t really ready to tackle that monster.”

“Paul Gough’s team offering a way where we could get into the Google Ads game without having to know how to play it was HUGE, and it saves us so much time and money!” admitted Charity.

“The first time we spoke to Liam, Paul’s Google Ads Manager, I knew in a heartbeat he knew what he was talking about and that was a win for me. It convinced me that Liam and his team knew from the off what they were talking about and could really make our Google Ads work. Now we have monthly meetings with our coach to talk about how efficient and effective our ads are working – and with a dumbed down version of what the heck is even happening in the Google realm to make our Ads work.”

“By having the PG Google Geeks we are able to focus our time and effort on other things such as following up on the leads that are pouring in from the efforts of the Google Ads, by not having to watch trends, keep an eye on competitors, and make sure the keywords are working. Basically, we get to focus on the patients while Paul’s team focuses on finding them for us.”

“We get 15-20 great leads per month – half of them ready to go right away.”

And to prove the system works and is a success, how about the figures? “Our lead game has been on point since working with Paul’s team. We’re getting anywhere from 20-30 great leads per month on average. More than half of Facebook and Google leads have been ready and easy to get on the books. We are at a 28% conversation rate with Facebook leads and a 60% conversation rate from the Google leads.

“This is great, most of the leads are workable and they make their way into our marketing follow-up system. As Paul says, the fortune is in the follow up and we have a process in place to make those vital follow ups. Every patient is worth close to $1000 to us so that is a healthy return from working with Paul’s team.”

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