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“Even Through Covid, Paul’s Team Continued to Send me New Patients”

Travis Perret
Travis Perret, Exercise Therapy

When Travis Perret started with Google Ads, the world was a different place pre-COVID.

It’s proved a decisive decision. Previously, Exercise Therapy would mainly attract patients through live events, client referrals and introductions from other practitioners.

They would visit local businesses, talk things over with their employees and discuss their problems and how to overcome them or prevent it happening. That line of engagement was suddenly called to a halt.

But Travis had already decided to shift to Google, working on the opinion that he could bring in even more clients on top of the regular processes.

“Once the pandemic hit, our traditional referral system slowed down a lot. Google then became the main way we started seeing leads come into the clinic,” admitted Travis.

Exercise Therapy is based in Kansas City, a clinic which specializes in clients over 50 who have chronic back, neck and knee pain. Their goal is to get clients back to moving better and feeling better without the limitations of chronic pain.

Unlike so many in Planet Paul they are not actually a physical therapy clinic. Instead they are more like personal trainers who focus on clients who have limitations due to chronic pain. Clients are given regular exercise routines they do from home. Clients purchase a 12-week package and they visit once a week for coaching sessions and re-evaluations.

“Doing Google on our own was a total waste of money – and time”

Travis started out working on Google Ads privately, assisted by a friend, before his fortunes were transformed thanks to signing up for Online Domination. He admitted: “We did not see any success and really it was a waste of money.

“The biggest difference when handing it to Team Paul is they know what to say and how to say it. They have experience in doing it and having success. They also have the experience from what did not work and how to apply what they learned to make it better.

“I signed up about a month before the pandemic hit and then everything went on shut down. I originally was thinking of how much more business it was going to bring in. When the pandemic hit we could no longer do live events, so through the following months it has actually been one of the few shining lights that has consistently brought clients in the door.

“I see the leads as warm leads. But we have had a few come in after doing their own research and are well prepared. You can tell which ones have looked at the website or have read my book.

Some just see a Google Ad and call and then come in: those we have to take a little more time to teach.’’

The financial benefits of the program are clear for Travis. He sees the benefits and boost to his business. He told us: “Google has brought in anywhere from $3000 – $6000 per month worth of new patients since we started with Paul’s team and best, I’m only spending $500 in advertising.”


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