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Last call for Las Vegas Meeting (April 1-2)

Of all the places I love to host my big events, Las Vegas is probably my favourite.

It appears that it is a favourite of my clients also.

We’re 6 weeks out from the next big meeting of my Mastermind, and only have 3 VIP Guest Passes left for you to come and work with us for the weekend.

We’ll be working on the most important aspect of growing a business -past it being solely reliant upon you – which is mastering the ability to effectively answer the phone (…as well as sell your services inside of the clinic).

There’s no point hiring other PTs if no one else wants to see either of them, and you’re stuck seeing them all still there?

The two-day meeting is taking place at a luxury hotel overlooking the amazing Lake Las Vegas on the weekend of April 1-2.

It’s titled:

Effective Telephone Techniques and In Clinic Sales Strategies for Fast Growing Physical Therapy Practices

Get the no bulls**tpolitically incorrect TRUTH about precisely how to sell in health care (…And Add $10k To Your Monthly Revenue) while your competitors struggle, moan, and probably go out of business during the economic chaos of 2023…

* When?

April 1-2, 2023

* Where?

Luxury Hotel, on Lake Las Vegas, NV

* Who?

75 other Private Practice Owners + Staff If you’re interested in being part of the weekend, start by filling out the Application form on the page below:

Simply fill out the form to register your intent, and then after you’ve completed that, a member of my team will be on the phone to explain to you how it all works.

You will pay a small fee to cover the price of guest pass and be part of the weekend.

You will leave with a completely new way of answering the phone, managing objections and selling your services confidently and ethically which is very different from how you are doing it today.

Apply here:

Best wishes,

Paul Gough