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Is It Really The Government’s Fault?

Over the last year or so – and probably for the next year (if not longer), most people are going to look to blame the government for the financial predicament that they find themselves in.

I say MOST people.

There’s approximately 1% of the population who will NOT.

They are the entrepreneur millionaires.

The big mistake most people will make over the next year is they’re going to assume that it’s the government’s fault for their lack of cash; therefore, the government needs to fix this problem for them.

They will wait. And wait and wait. And nothing will happen.

Now the government may or may not be to blame for the crippling inflation and threat of a recession…

But I can categorically assure you that they do not have the solution for YOU.

The government does not like to help small businesses – it likes to take a LEND of small businesses and use the money people like you and I generate to make up for the shortfalls in everyone else’s own spending habits.

Far from worrying about the government, I believe there is only one solution for your business to thrive in the months ahead:

And that is investing in YOURSELF.

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You need to be so accurate in your thinking about how and where success, money, and wealth all come from as well as precisely WHAT you can do to make it a reality so much so that the economic chaos is irrelevant in your household.

You have to be absolutely CERTAIN about what you should be doing with your time, how you prioritize time, and what conversations you’re having and with WHO, as well as how you think about success.

You’ve got to DEFY social norms that are mostly outdated and you’ve got to be prepared to break the “rules” of how you are told you’re supposed to live and how you “supposed” to behave.

For that type of thing to happen, you also need a VERY GOOD teacher.

A guide, if you like.

Ideally, someone who has helped 100s of others do the same thing.

I am thankful that I found a guy named Dan Kennedy.

Dan was my first real guide on the journey to changing my life both financially and with the freedom I now live with.

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It’s almost ten years to the day that I spent my first $1 with Dan and in that time it’s safe to say that my life has changed to the point where I can barely recognize what it was before.

It hasn’t necessarily changed in terms of the things I enjoy doing, or the friends I’ve got.

But where it has REALLY changed is in the amount of CHOICE that I now have in my life.

  • Choice over where I can live (UK or USA)…
  • Choice over how I travel to the UK or USA…
  • Choice over HOW MANY vacations I want to take my kids on (not if we want to go)
  • Choice over the cars I drive…
  • Choice over the size of the house I want… (and how many)
  • Choice over WHO I will work with and what days and times I’ll work and what time I will start and finish work…
  • Choice over what BS I will accept in my life, and from who, and how much of it before that person is politely told to “sod off” (…British for “get lost”!)
  • Right down to having the choice over whether I want to answer the phone or respond to emails

If I was pushed, I would say that the greatest thing I’ve got from working with Dan Kennedy is the ability to live a truly AUTONOMOUS life.

One where I am 99% free to live, act, and think exactly as I want.

Dan taught me that most rules weren’t created with my best interests in mind – and that to follow them would only mean one thing:

A life of Average.

– Yes! I want to go to The Dan Kennedy Event!

Now average is fine – if you’re into a life of restriction and always feeling like you’re living beneath what you COULD be doing.

But I suspect if you’re here – reading this email and following my work – you aren’t interested in Average.

If, like me, you crave MORE than average – perhaps an EXTRAORDINARY life – then it could all start for you in Cleveland on July 8-9th.

If you’re stuck in business, it could be the kickstart you need…

If you’re new to business, it could be the momentum that you need…

Wherever you are, this could be the event that triggers a completely different way to think about life, your business growth, and making money.

Massive disclaimer:

I am not promising you will become a millionaire just by attending this event – but I am promising you will leave knowing precisely how others like you have DONE IT.

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Best wishes

Paul Gough