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How To Set Clear Goals For Your PT Clinic

Jason Miller, Centex Rehab, Texas

Jason Miller is one of the newer members of CEO Mastermind. Already, however, he appreciates the impact on his business.

“Invaluable”, “Smartest decision I have made”, “Forced into a level of accountability I’d not had before” are just three ways Jason, of Centex Rehabilitation in Texas, has described his early experience of the highest level of Paul’s coaching programs. He knows that after making such an early impact, there is so much more to come.

Ahead of a CEO meeting in Celebration, Florida, Jason took time out of his his busy schedule to talk about his business and outlook after joining CEO.

“I have three clinics, two in Harker Heights, Texas and one in Belton, Texas. Of the three clinics, two are adult rehab facilities, offering PT, OT and speech Therapy and the other is a pediatric rehabilitation clinic offering PT, OT and speech to children with developmental needs.”

Jason’s Experience with CEO

“I was an early adopter with Paul, but foolishly left a couple of years in! I learned my lesson and have been back in Paul’s world for about 3 years now.”

“CEO has been invaluable. For one it has forced me to set clear, definable goals and then build a plan to reach those goals. I think the best part of becoming part of CEO was setting my business goals and having a group of people look at those goals and offer advice. I had my mindset on a few things that weren’t plausible, and it was really helpful to have a group of like-minded individuals look at them and say: “I don’t think you should focus on that just yet.” Once I had that outside opinion, I was able to see plainly that I might be heading down the wrong path. There’s nothing like being in the same room with peers to gain focus.”

Jason states, “For me, the biggest takeaway from Paul’s first CEO Mastermind Meeting was having a group of people look at the organization and see that I was lopsided. I was very heavy on operations, but very weak on support. I had a lot of therapists and no staff to support them.”

“My goal right now is to balance out my business. Like I said, I’ve been very heavy on operations, but have had no support staff to ‘support’ what I’m doing. I was lucky that it was working as well as it did. However, I know now that it can’t last that long, so I’m fixing that and doing it the correct way – by making good hires.”

“CEO has absolutely changed my perspective of my business. I have always tried to do everything at the lowest cost possible, which meant skimping on support staff. I’m finding now that I make more money just by spending money on positions such as a marketing director and an operations manager.”

“My fellow members in the CEO group have been super supportive! I was surprised and touched at how much of an interest they have taken in my business and I hope I can be as supportive and beneficial to them!” he adds.

Adapting to a Pandemic

Jason describes how his business has changed since the recent pandemic stating, “We have actually thrived during the pandemic. One thing I did that I was very proud of was to quickly jump into telehealth. Doing that has really reduced a lot of geographical boundaries that are in place when people have to drive to you. Now my caseload can be anyone in Texas. We have about 30% of our caseload still doing telehealth that are too far away to see us in person.”

Jason ends by saying: “For anyone thinking of stepping up into CEO, I am only a new member, but already I know it’s the smartest decision I have made!”


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