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How To Increase Your PT Clinic’s Revenue By 56%

The team of coaches here at Paul Gough HQ are here to help. To help you grow your business, to assist in planning ahead and more. But it’s not only about growing your business, it’s about you growing as a person, from a fledging business owner to a confident and competent CEO. They take great pride and satisfaction in seeing individuals prosper and develop.

Julie Krueger, Purely Primal Physical Therapy & Wellness, Oregon City, OR

Julie Krueger is based in Oregon City, OR. When it comes to flourishing, she defines it.

Sales weren’t her thing. So our coaches helped her through the woods and revenue at Purely Primal Physical Therapy & Wellness is up by 56%, she’s hiring and ready to take the next step in her business by expanding with an additional treatment room in store.

She said: “It’s not natural for me to work in sales and lot of it comes from a lack of confidence. It feels uncomfortable to self-promote. I can totally promote someone else and tell how great they are but when it came to promoting myself and tooting my own horn, that was really uncomfortable for me – now I have staff for me and it works.”

“In hindsight I probably should have got across the barrier and hired my first person sooner than I did, but it was a little scary in the middle of Covid and it is a big step. I went through it all without PPP loans as I didn’t qualify and had to figure it out alone. I could quit my job and jump into business thanks to Paul. Purely Primal Physical Therapy & Wellness helps active adults overcome persistent aches, pains and injuries, so they can get back to the activities they love and improve their health naturally without pain medication, injections or surgery.”

Since dipping her feet into Paul’s World, Julie has now jumped right in and she’s never looked back.

“I first came across Paul through another group that had heard of him, latched onto his podcast at a time I knew I was opening my own practice – I was busy doing the groundwork and laying things out while still doing my previous job,’’ she recalled.

“I started with New Patient Accelerator in January 2018, and worked through that to try and get some pieces in place and ready. I quit my job in April that year and kind of went all in from there – getting my clinic space built out and then opened up in September.”

“I still had a lot of work to do, starting from complete scratch and going to Sales Bootcamp that year in December. That was where I ended up joining 4% Club. I was in business for a short time at that point and had lot to learn.”

“Sales Bootcamp was awesome and it was always my weakness. So they hooked me up with Barry – and he was stuck with me for a long time! He worked on improving sales and conversions throughout 2019 and most of 2020. He was invaluable and his support and Mastermind meetings and Facebook and coaching calls, it all kept me going in some rough patches.”

“I’d say 2019 was a rough year as I was new to business and learning how to get patients through the door and convert and do the sales piece. Come 2020 and things were looking better and I was in a good place, March was my best month ever … and then Covid hit. A network of support is there for everyone But that upward curve, as has been the case right across this planet, has continued to rise and push one way.”

Julie added: “I was just getting this thing going at the time of Covid. There was a couple of rough months, then things picked up with the support of Paul and the group and knowing I wasn’t alone in what I was going through.”

“It kept growing and now here we are today! Quarter one of 2021 is done and comparing 12 months previous my revenue was up by 56%. I’ve hired, in October last year, my first part-time front-desk who does sales and conversions, which is a big help. Then in February, as we kept growing, I hired another part-time front desk which means my front desk is now covered all the time.”

“Things continue to push on and it’s good problems to have. I’m in the early stages of working out that first clinical staff hire. Hopefully that comes this year sometime. “Barry broke up with me and now I work with Simon, he said I didn’t need the sales and conversion coaching and I needed the business growth side of it all – the looking at my numbers part, so I finally got my Cockpit in place.”

“I can balance my cheque book, that’s OK, but the higher level financial strategy is still very new to me and I am learning. It took a few arm twists to get Cockpit going and I finally did, so now I’m looking at working in that next phrase. Step-by-step the business has grown with each thing I have implemented.”

“Everyone working together and the support in place proved so vital during challenging times. It’s not only the direct line with coaches, it’s the ability to be able to speak to other business owners about their issues and find solutions.”

She said: “The community support from this group was a big help. If I was struggling I could look in the Facebook group and see others with the same problem and not commiserating but being positive about it and it helps with problem solving and finding a strategy to solve that problem.”

“Earlier on my problem was sales and now I have new problems, next level problems. But there’s always someone in the group who can chime in and if you have a question or a concern, you get encouragement, solutions that worked for others and it’s super, super valuable – the biggest takeaway for me from this community that Paul has created is having that resource there. I know someone is there who has been through it and I can discover how they came through it or there’s someone in that same place tight now too.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without signing up.”

Julie and the coaches look at her story fondly, a real success tale for you all to enjoy and applaud. The business of 2021 is on a different plane, in more ways than one, to the business of 2018.

She smiled: “It’s been some journey since I signed up for Accelerator and looking back that was small potatoes when it comes to the financial investment – it’s all so worth it and each step was quite scary and felt a lot at the time to invest in that program.

“But everything I did was scary at the time. Signing up for Sales Bootcamp – I was new to business and I really didn’t have the cash flow to do it, but I knew I needed to do it.”

“Maybe the scariest was joining 4% Club. Making that decision to join…. I can’t see now where I would be without taking that step. I know where I am now and I have clarity. I’m looking to hire and continue that upward curve. I am turning a spare room in my clinic into a treatment room in preparation for that next step. I don’t really know what will come after that, marketing assistant? Additional clinical staff? But it will be a nice decision to make.”

“I look at the future and a vision of growth and I try and look with reality and take that next step forward to see where it all takes me. This is a great community to be part of and friendships have been formed.”

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