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How To Get Your Ads To The Top Of The Google Search List | PT Success Story

Leslie Abrahams joined our  Private Practice Marketer Program in May 2020, right after Covid hit. He knew that with the uncertainties around him, he needed to do what he could to keep his business going.

Leslie Abrahams, Bodies Under Construction

Bodies Under Construction has 4 clinics across the south east of England.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. There were ups and downs in leads, lockdowns, shutdowns, and business closings. But through it all, Leslie kept going and has reaped the rewards.

Business right now is full despite 2 of his 4 locations being forced to close or move due to lockdown restrictions in the UK. The 2 locations that remained open actually did better in terms of revenue when compared to pre-lockdown times last year. Leslie also spent most of Q1 in South Africa, and his business back in the UK flourished.

As lockdown measures eased in the UK, in the first 12 days of April, he had 8 new leads book their initial evaluation.

Here we look at the mechanics of how we lifted his ads to a whole new level thanks to Private Practice Marketer.

Tiffany Jordan, who heads up our Private Practice Marketing business, has looked behind the scenes for the numbers to prove how successful the ads have been working, and just what sort of numbers Leslie’s business has been achieving.  Working with Bodies Under Construction we manage 8 different campaigns, two per clinic. As we’re in a very competitive area (London, UK) we use maximize clicks as our main bidding strategy.

We know the average CPC in the UK is cheaper than the US, so in this instance we don’t need to set a max CPC bid limit, see image below.

We can see that the average CPC in this area is £1.13, if this rises to more than £2 than we would apply a bid limit. We use this strategy for all campaigns in each account.

The PS Campaign is broken up into topics that the client treats. Each topic becomes an ad group, following Google’s best practice guidelines.

The average CTR for each ad group in our industry is 3%, but these ad groups are performing well above that. We can also gauge the success of the campaigns by looking at the click share and impression share.

Click Share is the amount of clicks going to our campaigns relative to how many they are in total – if we look at the “Neck & Shoulder Pain” ad group we have over 35% of the click share. This indicates that 35 of every 100 clicks in the area are going to this campaign.

Impressions Share, above image is the number of impressions that a campaign is receiving relative to the total number of impressions. The same ad group has over 25% of the impression share, proving that this campaign is performing really well with 25% of all impressions in the area going to this campaign.

The click share shows us how many people per every 100 clicks choose our ad as opposed to a competitor’s ad. The impressions share shows how relevant our ads are compared to competitors. We focus on the client’s Perfect Patient with our bid adjustments and demographics and we also think about what type of device the Perfect Patient is going to be using.

Next we move to the Service Campaign; once again that’s broken up into relevant topics that people will search for.

We pay special attention to the ‘Imp Top %’, ‘Search Imp share’, ‘Click Share’ & ‘New Sessions’. We replicate this process for each campaign in Leslie’s account. For every 100 people that visit the landing page 72 of them are new, first-time users. We can also see that overall our ‘service’ style ads are taking over 50% of the clicks in this target area for the “Physical Therapy” service, as well as that these ads are in the top 3 position 85 / 100 times on average.

Once again, we’ve got a CPC bid limit applied here to stretch the budget evenly throughout the day.

What makes their Ads work:

The Ad (below) generated 6 calls in 14 days. On average this ad was at the top of the paid search results 85% of the time.  For every 100 ‘Physical Therapy’ searches on Google, this ad was in the top 3 positions 85 times.

This ad has a CTR of 11.20%, much higher than the 3.22% benchmark, more than likely due to using ‘Dynamic Keyword Insertion’ in Headline 1 as well as two references to ‘Physical Therapy’ in the copy. Google can clearly understand the context of this ad and whatever search term the user enters will appear in Headline 1.

The ad also encourages the customer to contact us with the calls to action: “Find Out How Effective Physical Therapy Can Be”, “Discover What Is Different”. We split test these across other ads to see which has the biggest impact. This ad used DKI, the same as the last ad but this is for a “PT Near Me” search. We’ve included the clinic’s location in Headline 2 to show the people using Google where the clinic is located.

We can see from the middle image below that this ad is appearing at the top of the search results 100% of the time for our keywords. It’s also costing less than $1 per click – once again because the context of the ad is clear to Google. DKI, bottom image, is a key player in increasing CTR as it enters whatever the user has searched into Headline 1.

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