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How To Bring In 36 New Patients Every Month | PT Success Story

There are so many different facets to the 4% Club that you can’t fail to progress and grow as part of it. Less work for more profits: it’s a great game plan.

Rebecca Yu, Royal Therapeutics Treatment

Rebecca Yu, of Royal Therapeutics Treatment in Burnaby, BC, Canada has just enjoyed her best month ever. She has stepped back from treatment and hired more staff. Every box is being ticked as the business celebrates his 6th birthday this month. It sure is a Happy Birthday!

She explained: “I decided I didn’t want to be a massage therapist anymore as I have a big team and shutting down the clinic during the pandemic meant I had to put my finances in place. Learning from Paul the big three for the CEO job is cash flow, hiring the A-players and managing the cash. It was what I needed help with and here I am today, and March was my best month ever. I’ve treated zero patients within a year now and I was putting in 40 hours plus, working evenings, weekends and managing the business too. Now it’s managing the team and putting systems in place.”

Those systems are clearly working for Rebecca, who is a keen and enthusiastic member of the 4% Club. Positivity in life and business is part of her outlook. She’s even coined a new phrase for you all! “I am ‘PG-ing’ all the time – earbuds in and listening to podcasts and the CDs that come with Planet Paul. I’m always absorbing information of his.”

Royal Therapeutics Treatment helps people achieve pain-free lives and become more active without medication, surgery or more visits to the doctor. Rebecca said: “My Perfect Patient is 40-60, office worker in pain, weekend warrior runner.”

But how did she first find Planet Paul and all that goes with it?

“It must have been a podcast somewhere, internet somewhere when I first encountered Paul,’’ she said. “We started listening to the podcast, got some information and then joined Cash Club. I bought the Wealth Marketing CDs and went through those with a marketing manager I had. I started implementing on my own, follow up systems, website and all that goes with it.

Do some marketing – it doesn’t have to be perfect, but get it out there!

“Last March I attended the event as a guest in New Orleans. The clinic then had to shut down and cash flow forecast and budget is my weakness. Taking the step to join really helped me. I spoke to Paul about 4% Club and I didn’t go through Accelerator like most do, but I knew I was ready for 4% and could jump in. I was doing the seven systems.

“Paul’s message over the last year has been clear and a big help. The fortune is in the follow up they say and that sticks with me. It’s always there. Google Ads are great, but we can’t just have a person in and done with treatment, it’s about a journey as one patient can lead to so much value.

“Do some marketing – it doesn’t have to be perfect but get it out there! I now work on all the different types of spokes learning from Laura and the processes she has in place. The inserts in Planet Paul and her regular Wednesday calls have been a big help.”

Rebecca has also utilized Paul’s Online Marketing team to good use, as more and more of you are doing.  And that has helped her figures and numbers shoot on an upward curve.

Royal Therapeutics Treatment – Burnaby, BC, Canada

Record figures while stepping back from treatment.

She said: “Google Ads are working, that’s how we got the best month ever. We got 86 new visits in March, then we had 35 new physio visits, which is huge as I’m really pushing my physio through my Google Ads because I have a number of different services: massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture.”

“The total visits in the clinic, and they could be repeats on a plan of care are 1,219 in March. December 2020, we beat it by one in pandemic time. The previous year 2019 was 1,209 when I was practicing and doing EVERYTHING. It’s fantastic to hit those levels and not be treating.”

And as well as the bigger things, it’s also the lowest hanging fruit that matters.

“I hired a marketing assistant, got GAS calls done. I hired a cleaning attendant. Everyone is big on social distancing and following protocol with masks and rules and people not waiting around, but I hired teenagers, three part-time students, constantly disinfecting the clinic. It adds to the safety message, people feel comfortable. We all do the regular things, but the extra steps add comfort in the current climate and that was a big thing in March with the success we had.”

But Rebecca won’t forget exactly what the 4% Club is all about and the pure value it brings to her business. It’s more than just a program, with a whole community to lean on, one of advice and constant support for members.

“Being part of the 4% Club is huge with the big group aspect of it all,” she said. “I went back to watch some of the videos again and then in September had a coaching call with Simon and Lisa and with my Progress Group has really helped too. Once I started in September being on track got me accountable. Make the goals not too big, but something I can achieve for the next call.”

“Some people do many things, big things – new website, Infusionsoft and more. I made the strategic goals of having only one task to follow, step by step and, for me, if there’s too many, I get bogged down with too many goals and I get left behind. My Progress Group is very helpful and, even missing a couple of calls lately hasn’t affected me. I come prepared, with questions, and if it’s PT related then Simon can’t get specific on that front, but others can.” she said.

“There’s no-one directly here local who can compete with me so I’m sharing information freely. I do see people now marketing well and we have been doing it for a long time: Perfect Patient, pain points, the education-based marketing, retargeting Facebook Ads and others are doing it now and I’ve been doing it for years.”

Don’t hesitate when it comes to joining up!

And the message from Rebecca is clear: don’t hesitate if you are considering making the step up. The more you wait, the more you will miss out.

She told us: “If anyone is not sure about joining the 4% Club, then don’t wait – jump on board now. You will know when you are ready, and whoever you are in the world it applies. There’s so much more to the 4% Club than what you think.

“The library, knowledge, the database is invaluable – there’s so much I can’t even catch up! I started looking at Tech Thursday and I tried Facebook Ads and I needed someone to do it for me, so I let the experts here do it. I watch the Wednesday calls on replay to catch up and Paul is still doing his mentoring – he’s not disappeared, and we don’t want that to happen! He is the face of it all.”

“It’s great to get really granular and specific with Laura’s marketing plans and how the spokes work, and I’ve really learned how to break down the business operation-wise from being part of the 4% Club.”

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