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How CEO Tamer Used Mastermind to Stabilize, Fix, and Grow His Clinic


Clarity, focus, and clear thinking. Since Tamer Issa of Issa PT in Maryland, joined CEO in 2019 he has never looked back: “CEO has been invaluable. It’s hard to put into words how much! It’s been immense.

“I can’t imagine making the changes I have made in the last 3 years without joining CEO. I started in 2019 and I’ve gone through 3 different phases.”

At the highest level of Paul’s coaching and thinking, CEO is all about helping clinic owners step back from day-to-day involvement in their business and still make money.

Since he graduated in 1998 in Holland, Tamer has gone through many different phases and experiences in business.

The ups and downs, and downs and ups of business have been replaced by a constant and consistent growth and development, both personally and professionally.

Tamer is a big advocate of CEO. He is a great example of what can be achieved in the program. Tamer Time was a phrase he coined and adapted to the group after seeing the difference in his outlook and vision.

Year by year in CEO

Since joining, he can look at his business in 3 stages: stabilizing, fixing, and growing.

He said: “The first year was trying to fix what I had with the staff I had and the direction I was going and making difficult, but necessary, big decisions. I downsized and couldn’t have done that in a clear-minded way without being in CEO – I’m positive of that.

“In 2020 I call it recalibrating, resetting. My new situation and new business. My confidence was important and I had the support of the group to ensure I was moving in the right direction.

“2021, is more about thriving and looking at the future and what my plans are and my goals.”

There’s a laser focus amongst CEO members, only the very best in Paul’s World can join: “I would say the biggest takeaway from CEO is the clarity I get from the sessions, to know what my problems are and what direction I’m headed and how to get there.

“The strategic planning and thinking get to the deeper root of the problems and it not just getting stuck in on tasks and putting out fires: it’s about meeting the demands of a changing business.

“Following the most recent CEO meetings, things have been a little less stressful, which is nice compared to some of my earlier meetings. I would say that the plan was very simple: to finish writing my book and consider raising my rates. I was fully booked and in a good situation and starting to get overwhelmed.

I raised my rates following that meeting.”

The 4 Aspects of a Business

Now firmly established in CEO and looking forward to the next meetings, Tamer can look back fondly at his first engagement with his fellow Group 2 colleagues.

He said: “The biggest takeaways from my first meeting back in January 2019 were understanding the 4 aspects of a business. Every business is the same in that they need marketing, operations, sales, and finance, above that, a manager, and above that. a CEO. It was about understanding the foundation of a business and having a consistent strategy and responsibilities surrounding those 4 things.

“It was also about the organizational chart, the staff, and human resources. Looking at a chart and seeing where people fit and where you may require some changes. That was extremely helpful.

“Learning from the other businesses is an understated, very powerful aspect of being in CEO. You learn from listening and analyzing and understanding problems other businesses have that can help you with your business and your critical thinking.”

He added: “CEO has changed my perspective for sure. Being in a room with 8-10 other people with the idea that they have a stake in your business, they are on your board of directors, is a very powerful idea because as business owners we are very attached to our businesses and there tends to be a lot of protection and emotion around the staff.

“The perspective of being in a room where people aren’t always going to have those attachments to your business is very powerful. It makes you see the business from a non-emotional standpoint, make decisions based on objective data, and have more of a critical view of the business and where you need to be. Taking our emotion out of it and basing it on reality is so important and I wouldn’t be able to make those difficult decisions without that set-up – I’m convinced of that.”

A Powerful Community

Just like there is for all in the 4% Club, there is a real community feel to CEO Mastermind. Meetings, lasting 2 days, are held 4 times a year. It gives everyone the chance to get an insight into other businesses and business leaders. Like-minded people motivate each other.

Tamer said: “Fellow members in the group have been so supportive. Supportive isn’t a strong enough word to describe how supportive the CEO group has been to me. I was going through a difficult time in my business when I was basically watching something I built change dramatically and it was tough.

“The connection I had with my group, the support, and backing – not just at the sessions but between them too – was so critical to me and important.

“They mean the world to me. I see them as family and joke that I am paying for their friendship! It has been huge and I hope all the other groups share our connection, that group has been intact since I joined and the bond is getting stronger over time, which helps us all to grow much more meaningful.

“To not put it lightly, the support has been amazing and the same from Paul as well and I am grateful for that.”

With a new 4th CEO Group being formed, Tamer said: “There’s no doubt that CEO is highly recommended by me. I would say if you are looking to make meaningful changes to our business and you are tired of putting our fires and hiring decisions that have gone awry or decisions made not in the best interests, then this is your only option…

If you need strategic decisions to really turn it around then I would highly recommend CEO and if you are taking the business to the next level to do well and set up for growth in a strategic way I cannot see any better way than the CEO group.

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