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How Can Embracing Change Lead to Success in Both Business and Life? With Anil Gupta

Make it easy to be successful. 

I didn’t feel successful this morning. I was comparing myself to other people. We’re always comparing, so stop comparing. 

Everyone is going through stuff. It’s OK. But the mindset will determine how you handle it. 

Today’s the day. What decisions have you made? 

How can you show up? 

The more attachments you have, the more painful your life is. Remember, we talked about tone. 

What’s your tone? 

Women are very sensitive to tone. Men are very sensitive to tone. 

If my wife uses a certain tone, I said, “I can’t listen to you if you use that tone. Change your tone and I will do anything for you.” But it’s said with love. 

It’s not what happens. It’s who you become. 

Who are you going to become? Who are you going to be? 

Become unstoppable. Happy, joyous, playful fun. 

It’s a choice. You have the ability to make that choice. 

It’s not what happens. It’s who you become. 

For life to change, you must change. 

You have to change. You have to go through it. 

And it’s OK if you’re having a tough time. 

But remember, you’ll get through it, and this too shall pass. 

You know the definition of insanity is if you continue doing the same thing over and over again, expecting the same result, that’s insanity. 

You must change. You must take action. 

Really, the biggest dating mistakes that people make is that they say yes to a relationship until it doesn’t work and then it’s a no. 

It’s the wrong way round. You say no to a relationship until it’s a yes. 

This is the same with your employees, you say no until it’s a yes. You do your due diligence, you test them out. 

You wouldn’t look at a house and buy it without doing your due diligence. 

It’s no until it’s a yes. 

I used to have an optometry practice and I was scared to death one of the girls would leave. 

Then I would just get someone else. And it wasn’t the right decision, but it was based on fear. 

Never make a decision based on fear. Do your due diligence. 

What you focus on is what you get. That’s the formula. 

Give, grow, and gratitude. The three keys to living a fulfilled life. And isn’t that what you want? 

You want the feeling of fulfillment. You don’t want to be motivated. Motivation is external. 

You want to be inspired, which is internal. You don’t want happiness, which is external. You want fulfillment. 

The decisions you make today will determine how you finish this race. How you finish the rest of your life. 

The expert in anything was once a beginner. 

So, you may not be the expert right now, but with due diligence, with practice, with learning, with implementation, with more learning, more implementation, attending these events, talking to people, and asking for advice. 

If there’s someone here that you know is doing better than you, or you know that they’ve got a certain skill set, reach out to them. 

They will help you and vice versa. The expert in anything was once a beginner. 

You don’t have to be perfect. 

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