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Why You Need to be a Part of a Community to Grow Your Business

Misha Price | Physicentrix | Montreal, Canada

Misha Price has a big ambition: to grow to a million dollar clinic by 2024.

With the guidance and coaching available within Paul’s World, both from Paul and his team, there’s every confidence he will smash through his target.

He appreciates the no-nonsense, straight talking approach – “Direct, no bullshit, and tells the truth” – and is following his plan to get where exactly he wants to be.

Physicentrix is an orthopaedic-oriented PT clinic in Montreal, Canada. Misha, CEO and President with a background in Neuroscience and Business from McGill University, manages the strategic direction and operations of the business.

Misha said: “People in Montreal deserve to keep active and mobile without painkillers, scary injections or frequent visits to the doctor. Why? Because everybody in Montreal deserves clear, valuable, and enduring solutions to keep active and mobile!”

“I first discovered Paul from a podcast in the summer of 2017. I started following Paul as his philosophies around managing a health business resonated and made sense to me. Because, you know, Paul makes sense most of the time!”

Direct And Speaking The Truth

Misha completed Accelerator in September 2017 and then joined Planet Paul Marketing Academy (Cash Club) in March 2018 and since completed most of the other foundational courses (BGS, Sales Bootcamp, Online Income Explosion) and has been a 4% ClubTM member and active participant of Serious Synergy / Progress Group D since April 2019.

He is a BIG advocate of Paul’s methods: “Direct, no bullshit, and tells the truth…I can’t say I agree 100% with everything he says but 98% of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is very valuable and worth the price of admission! “The other 2% is entertaining at minimum, so nothing is wasted.

“My impressions haven’t changed since 2017 and I enjoy being around other smart and like-minded business owners who understand that you need to invest in yourself and your business if you want to succeed. There is power in being part of an elite group of healthcare business owners. Why reinvent the wheel?

Being part of Paul’s group has been massive. The way we do marketing, sales, recruitment, operations, financial tracking, and more recently, the way I have approached leadership and business strategy has been very profound.

“I took the approach through Covid and lockdowns of focusing on higher level leadership and overall business strategy. The main thing I have realized is that my mentality and mindset has shifted and this has had positive effects on all other aspects of the business.”

Growing a Business AND a Team

After seeing the benefits of this community and all that it brings, Misha’s plans are in place.

“It’s not only about business growth, but personal development for his staff too. Like many others, the attraction of additional income streams is part of the masterplan. He said: “Based on our current mission I want to get the clinic to a point where we can help more clients and provide a stable and fun environment for all staff.

“After that, I have a few other business ideas that I would like to pursue. I also believe, like Paul has done with his consulting, PT, and real estate businesses, that it makes sense to diversify. “This also keeps me engaged and working on different projects, which I enjoy.”


Mish’s Key Learnings:

The pandemic has definitely hurt my business in the short term (ouch) but the silver lining has been a HUGE lesson for me.

I have taken more time to reflect on my life and what I want from the clinic. Also, recently I have read Business Made Simple by Donald Miller and I would like to share some key learnings from the book that I think will help you.


1. See yourself as an investment. (I know it sounds a bit weird but hear me out…) and become obsessed with delivering a 5x ROI. So, for all clients, friends, family, give back and overdeliver and you will win.

2. Every story has 4 characters: Hero, Villain, Victim, Guide. Spend more of your time being the Hero and Guide, NOT the Victim or Villain. The Hero receives the reward and goes through a transformation. The Guide provides support and mentorship and shares in the spoils. The others are simply there to provide backdrop for the Hero and Guide but learn nothing and are not that important overall.

3. Know how to de-escalate drama. Everyone respects and admires those who are calm under pressure and are not energy blackholes that suck the life out of every and all situations. Don’t do that. More importantly, don’t accept that from others either.

4. Accept feedback as a gift. Don’t let your ego nullify this competitive advantage. Seek out, and actively solicit regular feedback to grow and develop as a leader.

5. Know how to manage conflict. You want to engage anything that is thwarting your goals. Healthy conflict/tension is GOOD. Expect it. Control your emotions. Affirm the person/people in a non-threatening way and understand you may be wrong. Progress is worth more than stubbornness.

6. Be respected: not always liked. Professional leaders understand that they need to be respected. Therefore, they set clear expectations, instill mandatory accountability, and deliver with meaningful rewards to propel the team and their vision forward.

7. Have a bias for action. Implementation > Endless strategy. Accomplishing goals > Setting goals. Action > Emotion. There’s two pains in this world: the pain of discipline or regret, so choose wisely (thanks Paul)!

8. Don’t choose to be confused. Confusion usually comes from a desire to avoid conflict or take action. Usually from people pleasing (will they like me?), losing face (what will they think of me?), or fear (financial/physical consequences). However, normally these are much less important than we think. So ask yourself: “If I was not confused right now the obvious action would be…” And action it!

9. Be relentlessly optimistic. Set MEGA GOALS. Recover fast. Understand that success is not linear, relentless forward motion is key.

10. Have a growth mindset. Welcome challenges. The obstacle IS the way to learn and grow. Effort is required for mastery (no-one is a born leader). Learn from criticism.

BONUS TIP: Look for staff who are stress reducers not drama creators and go back to choosing not to be confused. If you have doubts early on you are right.

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