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From The Desk of Paul Gough: My Thoughts Since PPM LIVE

From the Desk of Paul Gough,

Orlando, Florida 

Re: My Thoughts Since PPM LIVE 

So we’re almost three weeks since “PPM LIVE” happened. I wanted to write this letter to you to personally thank you for coming and contributing to the most amazing of weekends that exceeded all expectations. 

When I first announced PPM Live, I think that most people assumed it would be like your “typical” business seminar, but as people left, it became obvious they got a lot more than they had bargained for. 

We went out of our way to create something that felt a bit more like a “concert” than a seminar and everything we did was based upon things I’ve learned from being a student of these events myself in the past.

When you attend an event that is high energy and invokes positive emotions as well as providing problem-solving content, that is when information is retained and it’s more likely to be applied when the day comes. 

The power of these events is that you never know when you will need what you will learn. Growth-minded individuals come to these types of events to build their capacity for being creative or their resolve to solve problems as life inevitably happens. It’s not always about solving today’s problem, it’s being ready for the one you didn’t see coming. 

At the event, James Lawrence spoke about how, really, our responsibility is to make sure that we’re ready for when life takes that twist or a turn for the worst (i.e covid or a recession). Inevitably, it will be for all of us in life and business. The purpose of making the investment in yourself and coming to events like this is to arm yourself with the necessary skills, tools, and ways of thinking so that you can meet these inflection points with confidence and instead of shying away, living like a victim of circumstance, you can raise your head high and move forward with confidence walking right INTO and then through the challenge that faces you.

We focused on changing the way you look at the problems facing you – whether that is inflation, pay rise requests, skeptical patients, etc, – and you’ve now got new ways to think about how to deal with all of those things. Whether it is deciding to let people go because they don’t add the necessary value that the pay rise request brings you, OR, it’s in allocating more responsibility to people so that you CAN justify a pay rise, you now know how to do it. 

Why Did We Do It?

It’s safe to say that the 4 days of PPM LIVE were the most incredible experience from both a personal and professional standpoint and I think we exceeded ALL expectations of the attendees. 

Many told us that “we raised the bar” for what a “seminar” like this should be like, and as well as incredible content, and amazing, world-renowned speakers, we mixed the perfect amount of fun and humor to make the event wildly different from anything that anyone in the PT profession has done before. 

People asked me why I did it… why did I go to so much expense to create something so big and impactful? Truth is, I’ve been to many PT seminars in the US and the UK and I’ve never left “thrilled”. Equally, I’ve been to other seminars by people like Tony Robbins or Russell Brunson at Clickfunnels and I’ve come away thinking, “This is epic, I wish someone did something like this for us PTs”. 

It’s because I wanted YOU to experience what I’ve experienced at other events – and how I felt when I was there and after I was there – that I decided to do it. Why should the PT profession miss out JUST BECAUSE most people doing these seminars are too dull and boring, or won’t take the risk of putting something like this on because they think it’s “not appropriate” for the PT profession.

Whether it is world-class, TV famous speakers (Daymond John), or inspiring stories of doing the impossible (James Lawrence), I’ve always wanted to make this type of thing happen and I genuinely get a thrill out of knowing that we DID IT. 

We brought people from all over the world (Australia, UAE, Dubai, Scotland, Paraguay, and the UK) to this event for what is likely to be a record for the most INTERNATIONAL attendees at an event the PT profession has ever seen. I’m very proud of that, especially after the last two years when the world has been closed off from each other and it stays true to my core mission of bringing the best practice owners together.

I had a suspicion that people wanted to travel to get to something like this and you all proved me right. 

On a personal note, having all of my kids be there all weekend was amazing AND getting them up on stage was pretty cool too. Here are a few of my favorite images of the weekend: 

It is me with my youngest son hanging out in the media gallery watching one of the Ultimate CEO competition winners tell their amazing story to the 300+ attendees from all over the world…

I spent a few minutes telling Grayson that his Daddy put this event on and that if you really do believe hard enough, and you implement long enough, and if you stick at it, and you take

 a title bit of a risk, anything is possible (even an event featuring TV star Daymond John that attracts 300+ people from all over the world). I have to remind myself that just a few years ago I was treating patients. It’s been quite the journey and I hope that by showcasing my journey that you will be in some way inspired to build your own journey that is a LOT bigger than you might believe is currently possible for yourself. 

In the weeks since the event, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on the event and I’ve noted 6 big things that have struck me. Here they are: 

  1. The appetite for these IN-PERSON events is officially BACK (people told us they could never go back to Zoom!)!!
  2. Daymond John’s success comes from the way he uses and thinks about Time
  3. James Lawrence changed my mindset from ever seeing ANYTHING as a “chore” when he spoke about “I GET to, rather than I GOT to”
  4. Both speakers had something in common – they had DETACHED themselves from “societies dreams”
  5. How close we are to the next level and it’s often the case that I/we/you just need to have your best intuition confirmed…
  6. That our “Planet Paul” community is alive and thriving and that it 100% is POSSIBLE for any PT to MAKE MORE MONEY and simultaneously step back from patient care…

These are just a few of the thoughts I have had. We went into much more depth on all of these topics on a PODCAST that is a “summary” / “review” of the event as w

ell as some of the backstage conversations I had with Daymond and James. If you head over to the podcast now, The Paul Gough Podcast and Audio Experience you can hear those thoughts in full. It’s the one titled: “PPM LIVE – My Back Stage Conversations with Daymond John and James Lawrence”

Will We Do It Again? 

We’re already being asked by people “if we plan to do it again next year”. The truth is we decided that “YES” we will be running PPM LIVE again in 2023 and we made the decision to do it on the very first morning of the first day of the event. 

The success for me and my team was found in simply delivering on an event we’d dreamed about for years and then seeing the excitement – and feeling it – on people’s faces was enough to confirm that we will be doing it all again next year. 

How could we deny people the opportunity to meet cool people like Daymond John and James Lawrence as well as party with friends and family, not to mention ne

twork with 300+ other aspiring practice owners? I’m thinking next year’s party should be a 70’s theme? What do you think? Something like Saturday Night Fever? I think one of the Bee Gees lives in Florida, I will see if he is available…

When will we do it? The exact same weekend: Oct 5-8th

Where? The exact same hotel in Orlando, Fl. 

Who are the speakers? I am already working on the biggest speakers I can find and instead of “only” bringing you two, this time I will be ADDING ONE more world-class speaker to the line-up for you to enjoy (making it three in total).

Anyhow, thank you again, and well done to you for coming. You took part in an incredible event where lives and businesses were undoubtedly made better and stronger. Go ahead and listen to the Podcast as well as SAVE THE DATE for PPM LIVE 2023 and look out for the “presale” of tickets that will start in early 2023. 

If you use the #PPMLIVE on any of the major social media channels you will be able to relive the memories of the event or check out some of the things, you missed from everyone who posted their images and videos. 

Best wishes, 

Paul Gough 

P.S Can’t wait until October 2023 to attend one of my events?


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