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Interview With Daymond John | “Do the Doubts Ever Go Away?”

[Paul] Talk to me about however big you get, I’m looking at you and I’m thinking all I want to ask you is, do the doubts ever go away? 

Is there ever a day where you wake up and you just have no doubts? 

There’s no fear, there’s just nothing going on. 

[Daymond] No, no.

Well, again, it’s taking inventory of yourself, reflecting on you what you want to accomplish in life. 

I think the first set of doubts that we all have is, can we accomplish something? 

Are we doing the right thing, because this is the future. It’s unknown, right? 

So, that’s always going to be a doubt if we’re doing the right thing. Could it be done better? 

I tend to be very much in tune with that. And if I’m not doing the right thing, I start to reflect again, and maybe not. 

Out of all the things that I’m thinking about, am I on the right course? 

If this one thing keeps popping up every day or every other week, I have to address it and then I think that we should all have a healthy paranoia. 

Even if things are going great. Why and when will it stop? 

I’ve been extremely blessed. I’ve lived the life of 10 people and as I pray every single morning and night, I know that I am very grateful for what I have. 

But God will give me a challenge that may be very challenging. 

I don’t want to ever curse myself, and I’m not going to talk about anybody in my family, but what if I get hit by a car? 

And God has blessed me enough to give me this life. But if my life is not taken and I become a paraplegic, God is going to give me that hurdle because he believes I could handle that hurdle and somehow it’s going to change somebody else’s life. 

So, the doubt is, am I maximizing my current position that God has given me or my current blessings? 

Am I doing enough today? Because when he or she gives me that other bigger challenge, I’m going to need to answer that call. 

So be grateful for what I have today, and I don’t want to have a doubt that I’m not maximizing. 

He has blessed me, or she has blessed me with this opportunity. 

Listen to the full podcast here: “Do the Doubts Ever Go Away?” | Interview With Daymond John

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