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Digital Marketing Expectations/Results in the age of Omicron

So here we are already exactly 50% of the way through February… and 50% of the way through the first quarter of 2022.


How is it going for you?

What I’ve realized from working with clinic owners like you is that many simply don’t know how it’s really going. Sure, they’ve got their own numbers, their own profit and loss statements etc, but they have no context.

They never REALLY know how they’re doing in-comparison to their peers.

That’s why through this letter today I wanted to share with you the results of the Digital marketing efforts of 20 of the practice owner clients we are working with across the globe (managing their Google and Facebook Ads).

The last 3 months have been “tough” to say the least for many clinic owners. I would say that they have been the toughest of the entire CVD chaos. What we’re seeing now though is that more and more people are returning back to PT clinics, searching online and they are doing so in their droves.

It seems like history is repeating itself. What do I mean by that?


Well, if you remember back to the first wave – people stopped coming out. Then all of a sudden they came back out and they spent more money than any other time in history.

We are watching the same thing play out yet again in 2022. Which is great news for anyone who is serious about their practice growth and is committed to investing in their marketing.

Remember, nothing happens unless patients know you exist.

To give you a little bit of extra encouragement… a little “nudge” to kick start your marketing if you have stopped it, I wanted to share these results with you as promised.

These results are not from last month – but from the LAST THREE MONTHS. Three of the most difficult that any business owner has ever experienced.

What is more, this is just the number of calls they’ve gotten from the Google Ads we’ve been running for these clients. Take a look…

In the first instance you will see their name, and where their clinic is… then you will see how many direct phone calls they have had from Google Ads in the last 3 months (volume)… then you will see the monthly average (Volume). Note: we also run Facebook ads etc, so they are getting more calls, leads and inquiries, this is just highlighting the importance of GOOGLE ADS and how impactful it can be for you if it’s done right.


After reading the results, if you want to talk to my team about getting your digital marketing back up and running – or just up and running – then fill out this form to talk to us:

1. Ashley Bertorelli – Troy, NY

      110 calls (Average 36 per month)

2. Jason Han – Pasadena, CA

      94 calls (Average 31 calls per month)

3. Jack Wong – Kingwood, TX

      85 calls (average 28 calls per month)

4. Johnny Alexander – Manhattan, NY

     81 calls (Average 26 calls per month)

5. Brett Peterson – Logan, UT

      85 calls (Average 27 calls per month)

6. Jennifer Penrose – Rochester, WA

      141 calls (Average 48 calls per month)

7. Ellora Maggs – Sonora, CA

      106 calls (Average 35 calls per month)

8. Kim Gladfelter – Los Altos, CA

      68 calls (Average 23 calls per month)

9. Todd Houghton – Attleboro, MA

      112 calls (Average 34 calls per month)

10. Ross Nakahji – Los Gatos & Morgan Hill, CA

      61 calls (Average 20 calls per month)

11. Ellen Tomsic – Durango, CO

      70 calls (Average 23 calls per month)

12. Dawn & Oscar Andalon – Encinitas, CA

      123 calls (Average 41 calls per month)

13. Andrew Vertson – Poulsbo, WA

      137 calls (Average 45 calls per month)

14. Leslie Abrahams – London, UK

     68 calls (Average 23 calls per month)

15. Brad Conder – Louisville, KY

      67 calls (Average 23 calls per month)

16. Cody Barnett – Wichita, KA

     70 calls (Average 24 calls per month)

17. Steven Alexander – Mesa, AZ

      91 calls (Average 30 calls per month)

18. Tony Tanzi – Putnam County, NY

      54 calls (Average 18 calls per month)

19. Matt Kingler – Glendora, CA

      71 calls (Average 23 calls per month)

20. Darren Beilstein – Newport News, VA

      75 calls (Average 25 calls per month)


As you can see, the results are pretty impressive and we’re working with clinics all over the world in many different cities and small towns.

Are you interested in finding out how we can do the same for you??

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