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“Clients Are Sick of Seeing My Face on Ads all the Time (all 1.1 Million of Them)”

Paul Gough – Paul Gough Physio Rooms – Hartlepool, England

The Paul Gough Physio rooms enjoyed a record Q1 for leads, during a national lockdown, with Google and Facebook as our primary lead sources.

The Physio Rooms digital ads are doing amazing right now. Appointments are booked out solid with a waiting list too, so I thought I’d kick this new feature off with a breakdown of what we’ve been doing with our digital campaigns and how we’ve got this huge success. Paul said on a recent 4% Club Q&A call: “It’s the most exciting position the PG Physio Rooms business has been in in about 6 years”.

And while I’m sat in the side office, just by the reception area in the clinic, all I’ve heard this month is patients say: “I keep seeing Paul’s name and face everywhere”.

There’s a reason behind that and our digital team have quite simply nailed it! Right now is the perfect time to get going with your digital marketing and push your business to the next level –lockdown restrictions are easing and people are starting to feel safe enough to come out and get some help. Here’s an overview of what’s working for us…

Google Ads…

Most of our campaigns have been running for around 6 months now so they’ve built up good traction. We started by setting up campaigns for 2 of our 4 clinics and gradually added on the others.

Google leads (both paid and organic) are coming in faster than ever before. With marketing, you can’t always just switch a spoke on and expect amazing results to happen overnight, it’s something you need to monitor and tweak/improve consistently over a couple of months.

It’s all about the rhythm you keep hearing our team and Paul talk about! The last 6 months of work are most certainly paying off for us. Now we’re at a steady point, it’s all about maintaining our ads and staying on top of any Google updates that are taking place.

How we did it:

1. All praise to the Google team. My skill set doesn’t include setting up Google Ads so they are responsible for doing all the technical work (we’ll cover our tips for creating and maintaining Google Ads campaigns in a future feature).

2. Although I don’t actually do the work on this front, I’m accountable for the target for Google Ads in the PG Physio Rooms. I use my weekly accountability with Liam to discuss the progress of our Google Ads and provide any strategic insights that could help.

3. I also dedicate a lot of time each week to working on everything behind the scenes. This is to get us seen in the search engines, where we come up against our competitors – these things contribute to having successful Google Ads campaigns running too.

This includes getting new 5 star Google reviews, an updated Google MyBusiness page, having a blog that’s consistently updated with relevant and optimized content, and an active social media presence: all the things that keep a business fresh and relevant.

Our ads have much better success because of all these factors … Paul says: “You’ve got to give people a reason to discriminate in your favor”, and it’s so true! Stack up all these things I’ve just mentioned and give the individual out there looking for physical therapy some 4 or 5 reasons to choose you.

There’s not one single reason someone makes the decision to choose your business –you’ve got to build a case for someone to discriminate in your favor, to choose you and contact you. It’s just like stacking up 4 or 5 pieces of evidence in a court case.

Google Display Ads…

In March, we introduced something new with Google Ads, on top of what we were doing already: Google Display Ads.

In 1 week, our recent display ad had an unprecedented 1.1 million impressions, plus over 400 clicks, for just $100……….1.1 MILLION! How incredible is that? No wonder people are saying they are fed up of seeing Paul’s face everywhere.

Display ads can help you promote your business and brand when people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail, or using mobile devices and apps.

You can get your business in front of your Perfect Patient audience on an endless number of websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites like Gmail and YouTube.

How we did it:

1: We brainstormed headlines for the ads on a ‘think-tank’ call with Paul. Here we spent time discussing what would relate to our audience most. We decided to try two headlines and split test them to see what got the best results.

2: Once the headlines were agreed, I went away and briefed Joe (our creative designer). When pulling the creative brief together, I thought about how we could create something that would grab someone’s attention in seconds (images and colours we could use, as well as the call to action, etc.), but at the same time how we could keep the graphics in keeping with the brand colours and style.

You can see in the examples here that instead of using our normal light grey, white and blue, we went for dark grey, orange, and blue (taking these additional colours from the graphics already on the PG Physio Rooms website).

We thought most websites are white, so using these colours would make the ads prominent and really stand out.

We also went for a smiley and welcoming picture of Paul and Vicki as opposed to a stout and professional headshot.

Once Joe had created all the ad sizes required for Google, Liam and Andy went away and worked their magic to put the campaigns live

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