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More CEO and Less Marketing Assistant: Stop Trying to Understand Facebook and Google Ads

For the business owner, time is of the essence.

Do you have the time and hours to learn how to master EVERY aspect of your business?

Jason Han, Health Fit in Pasadena, CA, falls into that category. As well as owning the clinic, Jason is also Head of Rehabilitation with Los Angeles Football Club in the MLS.

He may be able to juggle a football, but some things have to be done by the experts.

He said: “I did not personally want to spend the time learning to do this stuff – as owner my time is best allocated towards leading the practice and defining the big visions, then coaching our physios and helping my operations manager.

“It’s not about the nitty-gritty of searches and conversion rates. I would much rather pay someone to tell me what is going on and then we can act on it rather than spending so much time looking into the data.

“If you are like me and spending hours on end trying to figure out the technical side of marketing, just ask yourself how best is your time allocated. If you want to spend more time on the business rather than in the business then this is perhaps a missing piece.”



Jason’s aim is to concentrate his time and efforts fully on his clinic in the future and utilizing Private Practice Marketer and the team allows him to plan for exactly that.

“The program has been very good for me. I think I called Simon after a weekend course last year about how to survive Covid and make things better. I had a lot of time to think, to try and see where I wanted the business to go.

“My Job with LA FC was on hold and I could concentrate on the practice. The idea of wanting someone to do all my Google and Facebook Ads was to give me time and space.

“I looked and asked what things do I need to do and what can I hand off. I asked Simon for more information and it’s been good. I’ve been in PPM for over a year and it’s a learning experience.

“I’m someone who wants instant results and you realize over time it doesn’t happen that way with online marketing. It’s not a singular thing, it’s the whole omnipresence thing that Paul talks about – Google and Facebook Ads are just part of the equation.

“If you can start to look at what’s happening and the analytics then you can relate to it all. If we create specific sections on our website then we find what people are looking for.

“Targeting the right market, are we doing it in a good way. It’s been an all-encompassing program.”



Part of the Sherpa program is a big thing for Jason and his team. With Paul Gough Physio Rooms marketing manager Laura on hand to guide, Jason admitted: “The Sherpa calls are a big advantage. We just hired a marketing manager two months or so ago. Laura is on board at PG and she illustrates what the job can be.

“Part of the reason for me to bring on a marketing manager is to make sure we get enough leads. We were looking to scale our business. If we have 2 physios then we can fill them and I want to feel confident we can fill a 3rd and more.

“I don’t want to worry about having enough leads. I want to focus on converting them.

“When our marketing assistant came on board, Paul started to talk about Sherpa. I dived in with Andy and Tiffany and asked what it can do for me. Things are aligned and we have open communication between us to make sure we can specialize it.”



And with regular flow between Team Paul and Jason, the results are there. As many in this program find, it’s not always an instant hit but for weeks the results are there for everyone to see and enjoy.

“The quality of leads is better for us the past 2/3 months,’’ said Jason.

“We count how many leads, and also conversions, and that has increased thanks to a combination of a lot of things: All the work Paul’s team is doing, what the marketing assistant here is doing and we also have a new admin/sales who is killing it.

“Is it her killing it or are the leads warmer coming in? I think it’s a combination of things. Like Paul says you can’t pinpoint one thing, you need to do a lot of the right things to ultimately come to a good result.”


And Jason was only too happy to tell the development of his time working with Paul and his team.

“This has been an evolution with Paul. I remember the first Mastermind Event in San Diego with a group of maybe 30 and it’s grown and I feel I have grown alongside him. The 2nd or 3rd Mastermind was when the newbies started coming and it was about wondering how this would work.

“The information was more targeted for them so how useful was it for us? But the message is the same and we have to hear it repeated. As we grow as businesses we have different needs.

“We don’t have the time as business owners now for the Accelerator Program. We need to focus more on hiring and leading. We need to hire the right person on how to do the job, so for us now, it’s about hiring a marketing assistant to do these things.

“Am I going to hire another person for Google and Facebook stuff and is it a person? Or is it Paul’s team who I already trust and I know the guys. Who better than Paul’s team to do it and then add Sherpa on top of it and not only for me but my marketing team and ops manager, it makes it so much better.

“When you first start a business, you don’t want to spend money as you only have a limited amount. Get relatively successful and you have more to allocate and it’s about spending money to make money. I look for the best investment and I decided this program was the right one for me.’’

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