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“It’s Been the BEST Month Ever! How Joni Grew Her Clinic Into Something Special”

Kid PT is a pediatric practice that focuses on developmental disabilities.  With 2 clinics in Somerville and Princeton, NJ, they work with a child as a whole, not as a diagnosis, and guide each family on their therapeutic journey.

Joni Daichman Redlich helps children grow confidence, independence and ability every day. She has 2 admin staff, 1 full-time and 1 part-time, a full-time PT and a part-time PT who is transitioning to FT, as well as a part-time OT.  

She took time out of her busy schedule to tell us how the 4% Club has been to her business and growth. 

How did you first come across Paul and what attracted you into his programs?   

I came across Paul a couple of years into my practice where it was just me, relying on unpredictable word of mouth, and no plan or system for growth. I only knew of old school marketing to doctors and that wasn’t successful as they wouldn’t refer out-of-network or outside of their hospital systems.  

What do you think is the most beneficial aspect of the 4% Club to your clinic?  

The community is what drew me in and has kept me in as well. The Wednesday calls are really valuable to me, particularly when Paul goes deep and helps my perspective as a business owner and a person grow. The marketing focused calls have also helped me better carve out my marketing plan.   

Has the 4% Club helped your clinic adapt and advance?   

My Badass Boss Babes Progress Group has been an awesome place to get grounded, stay accountable and also get realistic to re-prioritize in the big scheme of life beyond just business.  

What marketing are you doing right now in your clinic?  

My marketing has been evolving with me and my team, getting more before and after images and showcasing how we’re different to the community.  

Does the 4% community and Paul’s World help you with your clinic’s marketing and if so, in what ways? 

I started with Paul’s team for my Google and Facebook Ads this past March and despite my skepticism, it is proving to have been a really great choice. The proof is in the numbers!  

You have just enjoyed your Best Month Ever – a great achievement! Can you tell how it came about, was it a culmination of factors or can you put it down to one big thing?   

We are hitting a really good balance of leads coming from so many different directions, from local Facebook groups, lactation consultants, Google Ads, social media, our follow-up system and word of mouth. I don’t think it’s purely down to one thing, but the culmination of all of our efforts consistently over time.  


How does your Best Month Ever compare to an average month or from previous months?   

The past few months have been steadily increasing from an average of 150 sessions plus our school contract to 194 sessions last month.    

What’s next for your clinic? Do you have plans to expand?   

The plan is for me to treat a half day only come fall. I have asked my admin staff to help me stick to that plan. My part time PT is moving to full time to cover both the school contract and clinic increases with me cutting back. We are in negotiations with a lease for a larger space, which will increase our ability to see many more children, as we can only see two clients at a time in our current space.  

We are planning to increase OT services, especially if the new space works out, and we are increasing the marketing in our second location as well. 

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