Re-setting Patient Expectations in the First Session | EP:045

In this episode, I reveal how I was able to spot a bad habit that had crept into my business - just by keeping a closer eye on the clinics KPI’S.

I noticed a drop in the average visit and the amount each patient was spending and I was able to track it back to the physio's NOT doing a great job in the initial evaluation…

In this episode watch and learn as I talk to my staff about getting the first session right - and how if you do (get it right), it sets the scene for a very healthy relationship for both you and the patient.

We should all re-name that initial evaluation as the “re-setting expectations” session because that is really what it is required. Do not take for granted - ever - that they know what is happening when they arrive. Patients come with so many false beliefs about what we do that unless we do, indeed, re-set their expectations from the get-go then there could be a less than smooth transition to a complete plan of care.

Want to raise your rates? You do that by changing the way they see the proposition you are offering.

Want to increase the number of sessions they agree to? You also do that by changing the way they see the value of what you do.

There are so many things that are affected by a solid initial consultation and in this episode, I talk to the staff about how all I want them to do in that first session is re-set their expectations to bring them in line with what we really do to help them. I know that if I can get the patients to see what it is that we really do - there’ll be no issues and they’ll leave very happy at the end.

Watch the full episode on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJoOU_Fsl2U

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