Discovery Visits: "When The Magic Really Happens" (Part 1) | EP:038

Discovery Visits: "When The Magic Really Happens" (Part 1) | EP:038

If you want to make Direct Marketing work, one of the things you’re going to have to get good at is increasing conversions at something that I call “Discovery Visits” or "Free Tasters"…

These sessions act as the “bridge” in-between your Marketing Campaigns - and your prospective patient actually paying for a first session.

They’re super important - because it’s almost impossible to make Marketing from Facebook, Google or Social Media work if you are not offering something like this.

On this weeks episode I talk with my Physiotherapy team about their role in the conversion process from Discovery Visits - and teach them when the decision to say “yes” to treatment is actually made - because it's NOT on the day...

This “Discovery Session” is a critical driver of my business - and understanding how to do this right has produced 100’s if not 1000’s of additional patients at my practice over the last few years…

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