Creating A Facebook Marketing Campaign For “CrossFitters Who Are Out Of The Box”

On this Audio Experience I create a Marketing Campaign, and specifically, the “hidden language” that is required to make any Campaign a success.

It’s recorded live at an event I hosted recently - and I use the example of a “CrossFit Box” that to me, and the majority of the people seeing the ad, wouldn’t mean a lot to (as we are not all “CrossFitters”)…

However, if I was a “CrossFitter”, then it would be a pretty powerful signal that the thing that is being offered in the ad, could be suitable for someone “like me”, being offered by someone who “gets me”…

And if you can tick both of those boxes with your Marketing Campaigns - on any platform and not just Facebook - you are already two thirds of the way to the outcome you are looking for…

Thumbnail image: Here’s a picture taken behind the scenes of my 3-Day “More Cash, More Profits” Marketing Workshop - teaching business strategy to 10 of Americas best PT Business Owners…

For more details on the “More Cash, More Profits” 3-Day Workshop that Paul runs across the US and at his clinic in the UK, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

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