Audio Experience 03 - The Huge Irony of Marketing To Doctors

Some PTs are still hanging to the arrogant notion that health-care professionals like us, “shouldn’t have to Market” for their clients. I have ZERO respect for anyone who thinks that way as it comes from a complete lack of understanding (pig ignorance!) of what Marketing actually is - and why it plays so a vital role in lowering chronic pain.

Marketing is simply about building relationships - human to human - and helping people to make decisions. The reality is that the profession has been built on building a relationship with a human - he/she just happened to be a Doctor. 

My point is, why not use the same strategy of relationship building to help more people make better decisions about coming to see you directly? Have a listen to this audio experience recorded at a recent event I was speaking at, for more on this…

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this Episode's picture is Paul with TOP PT "Arturo Hernandez" - who joined us at the Las Vegas/Nevada "Meet-Up" recently...

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