Paul Gough Ltd

Mastermind PLUS Private Consulting

12 Months Contract

Paul Gough LTD, Floor 1, Paul Gough Physio Rooms, 25 Raby Road, Hartlepool, UK, TS24 8AS


1. Coaching With Paul

  1. 1 x up to 60 min coaching call per month

The Call Can Be About:

  • Financials – please prepare for each call:

I’d like to see balance sheets and profit and loss statements presented side by side of the current time period compared with previous time periods. I’d also like to see a cash flow forecast.

  • Your Executive Summary:

What your big strategic issues are that you’d like to discuss. Please give any relevant back story as well as the current possible solutions you are considering.

Last quarter: What was the plan? What were the actual results? How did they differ from the plan and why? What were the lessons learned to be carried forward to the next quarter?

Next quarter: Here’s the financial goal. Here’s the plan that supports the goal. Here are the metrics I’ll be measuring to keep my plan on track.

Notice: You must submit your preparation for the coaching call 24 hours before the agreed coaching date and time. If you wish to postpone an agreed call you must give 72 hours notice. A violation of either of these conditions will result in a forfeit of that particular coaching call.

You will be sent a DROPBOX link to submit your questions, Executive Summary & financials.

Please title the Word document according to the date of the pending call.


2. GMM – Group Mastermind

You will be in a large group of business owners and will meet up to 3 times per month on a Group Call. These calls will be help using an online conference telephone line that you can log in online or call in using your telephone.

You are also invited to meet every 4 months with other members of the group (3 meetings per 12 months) for a “2 Day” meeting to create a quarterly strategic plan of your top 3 priorities, to review past 4 months and prepare for the next 4 months.

The Meeting Dates In The USA Are:

  • Spring/March (West Coast)
  • Summer/July (Central)
  • Fall (East Coast)

In The UK (At Pauls Clinic):

  • April
  • August


3. GIDC (Get It Done Calls)

12 x online meetings (to work on Infusionsoft Campaigns, Conversion Coaching, Marketing strategy or copy with Pauls Marketing team).


4. Facebook Mastermind Members Group Access to the Facebook group

Access to the Facebook Group


5. Commitment Contract

Accountability Agreement

We operate an Accountability Agreement (AA) policy that is designed to hold you to account over the critical actions that you need to take to get the business results that you want. An AA call is where you agree with your coach that certain actions / tasks must be completed by a very near future deadline.

The success of completing the agreed actions on time means that most importantly you have achieved that important task / action and secondly that we can congratulate your success. A failure to meet the deadline of the critical task / action for any reason will result in a penalty.

Three Strike Policy:

The penalty for failure to achieve the deadline of the critical action is a Strike. A Strike will remain on your record for the duration of your membership. If you fail and receive three Strikes we shall remove you from the group because your behaviour damages the integrity of the group as a whole and we don’t wish to work with people that do not keep their promises and the group as a whole will not tolerate that behaviour within it. We will not refund any monies if we have to remove you from the group because you have exceeded three Strikes.

6. Terms and Conditions

Paul Gough Ltd Customer Product & Service Agreement

By signing the agreement, you (the client) acknowledge that you are entering into a twelve- month contract for Mastermind Membership and Personal Coaching with Paul Gough Ltd (the company) commencing on the date of the initial payment, full or deposit. The membership commences on the date of the Kickstart meeting, coaching call or mastermind meeting whichever comes first.

The agreement includes parts 1-5 described within this document. If the client wishes to leave the programme before the end of the twelve-month contract the client will be liable for any outstanding payments towards the total cost of the program and refunds will not be available for payments made in full.

If the client is dissatisfied with the delivery of the program, the client must inform the company immediately through your coach and follow up in writing (email). The client must give the company 30 days of notice to address the concerns and maintain open communication to achieve the client’s satisfaction.

The company is contracted to deliver the entitlements of the program as laid out within this document. If the client is unable to make the dates of any of the meetings these are not rolled over beyond the end of the contract. If the client is unable to make the date of a live mastermind meeting, then the client foregoes that meeting.

The company is not responsible for the client’s business results during their membership. While the company shares average figures of the results of participants in the 12 month program the company is not liable for the client’s results. The client is responsible for their results. The company is responsible for the delivery of the various elements on the dates published.

If the company is unable to fulfil a published event, then a replacement date will be communicated to the client. If the client suffers any financial loss due to the cancelling of a published event, that is the sole fault of the company, then the company will meet that cost upon the client providing evidence of the financial losses which are restricted to travel and accommodation only relating directly to the cancelled event.

The Company reserves the right to change published dates 60 days in advance of the said published date without any financial loss claim being brought by the client.

Request for Refund

The client understands all sales are considered final 5 business days from date of the initial payment. Should the client request a refund on or before 5 business days from the date of initial payment, the client will supply written notice of said request (email is acceptable) to

The client understands there will be no consideration or authorisation for a refund without meeting all the requirements and conditions outlined above and all cancellations and refunds must be authorised by the company.

The client understands upon approval of a refund request payments made under this written contract of sale will be refunded within fourteen business days.