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I Resigned 2 Hours After My Boss Said No To A Pay Rise… Two Years Later, I Had A 7-Figure, Cash Pay Clinic” – The Gina Fick Story | Episode 622

In this one, I welcome Gina Fick, the founder of Fick PT and the newest “Paul of Famer”, onto the podcast to discuss her incredible journey as a mom of four leaving a corporate PT job to run her own 7-figure cash pay clinic.

It’s a crazy story and something that made us both laugh – Gina was told by the HEAD of the private practice association in Colorado that starting her own private practice would be the worst thing that she could do! AND that not accepting insurance would NEVER work – you couldn’t write it!

Thankfully, Gina didn’t listen and instead took on the challenge to prove them wrong, and hasn’t looked back. On the show, Gina talked about how she’s had to grow as a leader, how to manage toxic employees, and her growth since finding Paul.

For any physical therapy business owners looking to expand into bigger premises, Gina also shares the costly mistakes, and important lessons, from her move to a larger practice.

Connect with Gina and her team on Instagram at, Gina’s website at, or Gina’s podcast – PT Rebels – on your favorite podcast platform.

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