“How To Make Your PT Business Exempt From The Coronavirus Recession” | Recession Proofing : Episode 381

If you thought that the coronavirus pandemic and the global financial crisis would be well on its way to being over by now – you’re not alone.

I know of many business owners who failed to prepare for the sheer size and scale of this virus and as such are beginning to pay the price. Some have already paid the ultimate price and their business is closed for good.

The governments have done a wonderful job of giving anyone who wants it access to money – but now that is drying up, you’re beginning to see the REAL impact of the pandemic on businesses. The bounce back loans, the furlough scheme and other grants have helped many businesses remain open for a few months giving us a little “bubble.”

But, as politicians continue to use COVID as a means to moving their own agendas forward, furthering lock downs and imposing more restrictions, we are going to see continued economic suffering, more business closing, mass unemployment (it has already rose by 600,000 in the UK in the last few months) and money being “parked” by those who have it until this all blows over… but just WHEN is that going to happen?

Surely you don’t believe that a vaccine is going to magically appear in time for Christmas and life and your patients will instantly spring back to 2019, do you???

Anyone can handle a few months upheaval… but what if this lasts for two or three years?

What if 20% of your patients continue to stay away?

What if your best patients lose their jobs and with it their Health Insurance policy that covers the cost of their treatment at your clinic?

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That has happened to a dozen or so of my top patients already and we’re now having to convince them to pay out of their own pocket for a service that for years was paid for by BUPA or AXA.

Are you ready and able to replace those patients?

And, are you ready and able to have the hard conversations about paying for the treatment out of their own pocket?

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