“Questions That Your Admin/Marketing Assistant Daren’t Ask You” (Live) : Candid Conversations | Episode 290

This one is a conversation I recorded at a recent Mastermind Event in New Orleans. It was in a room full of marketing assistants and front desk people who where at the event with their boss. I walked into the room and basically asked the question – “what questions can I answer for you that you DARE NOT ask your boss”… the conversation was amazing and I think you (…and your staff) will get a lot of value out of hearing me explain the answers to questions they daren’t bring up with their boss. Be sure to share this with ALL of your TEAM as I think they’ll be encouraged by the answers they’ll hear.

P.S Next PG Event is UK April 27-28th and in the US, LA July 11-12. paul@paulgough.com for tickets and eligibility information.


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