In this Free guide, packed with Marketing Strategies, renowned Physical Therapy Clinic Owner and Marketing Expert Paul Gough shows you how to create a Marketing Strategy for your Physical Therapy business that works, including...

  • How to incorporate the internet and website Marketing strategies into your Physical Therapy Clinics Marketing
  • Tips on the different types of Marketing strategies for the different types of Physical Therapy Clinics - and which is best for you
  • How much to spend on your Physical Therapy Clinic's Marketing Strategy
  • Success Strategies for using Google and Facebook to get your clinics noticed
  • Social Media – what works for Physical Therapy Clinics and what you must avoid at all costs
  • Marketing Strategies for new and growing Physical Therapy businesses
  • Strategies for incorporating Email marketing into your business
  • The three big Physical Therapy Marketing mistakes - and how to avoid them
  • And much more…

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This Free Guide on Essential Marketing Strategies is being offered to Physical Therapy Business Owners to introduce you to the work of Paul Gough – renowned for helping Physical Therapy Business Owners in the US – and to give you the essential Marketing Strategies you need for creating a successful Physical Therapy Business.

You can access your Free Marketing Strategies guide immediately from your computer or mobile phone. Just confirm your details on this page.

About Paul Gough

Physical Therapy Clinic Owner and Leading authority on Marketing Strategies, Paul Gough

As featured in Impact Magazine, the Cash PT Podcast, the Cash-PT Lunch Hour and Keynote Speaker at upcoming 2017 PPS Conference in Chicago.

About Paul Gough

Paul Gough is widely regarded as a Global authority on Marketing Strategies and Internet Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapists.

For a number of years, Paul Gough has shown thousands of Physical Therapy business owners how to grow their business, increase their profits, free up their time, transform their Internet Marketing strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking.

He shows Physical Therapy business owners, managers and the solo-practitioners how to win more patients using direct access and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet profit strategies.

Every week, 10,000s of Physical Therapy Business Owners listen to his “PT Business School” Podcast and receive Paul Gough’s online support and advice. He is a published Author, a former professional Soccer Physical Therapist and has been featured extensively in national media including Radio and TV. Paul is also a small business Icon – winner of the much sough-after Infusionsoft award for great Marketing Systems.

Clients pay $30,000 to be in Paul’s private client group, while every year, 100 + PT business owners attend Paul Goughs Marketing Workshops with participants including nationally renowned PTs such as Jerry Durham, Dr.Jarod Carter, Aaron LeBauer, Andrew Vertson and Greg Todd. Paul’s deep understanding of Entrepreneurial and Business success has led to 1000s of business owners using him as their trusted advisor to grow their businesses and increase their profits.