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  • How much will it cost and when you can expect your first phone calls…
  • How do we keep “your voice” in everything we write?
  • Do you have to stop working with your current web-designer if you’re happy with your current web company? As well as, how bad is your website compared to others?
  • Do you have to fire your current marketing assistant if you have one?
  • How much do you need to spend on ads? And can you get going without spending anything?
  • Should you do Google or Facebook (or both?)
  • How likely is that you can SCALE a cash pay service/clinic in your town?
  • How many calls to EXPECT in the first 30 days and most importantly:
  • Do you charge enough compared to your PEERS to make growing a profitable business even possible?
And so much more, including any and every other question you have to make sure this is the right decision for you.
What other Physical Therapists, just like you, say about the amazing, new, CMO program…

“We would be REALLY struggling in so many aspects of our business if we hadn’t joined CMO”

“Last month alone we had 61 BRAND NEW leads and 55% of them came from our digital marketing – Google and Facebook – the rest, almost all of them mentioned they’d seen either our social media, Google my business or reactivated from an email sent by the CMO team.

Marketing is something that can easily get pushed aside and before joining CMO it nearly always did. Since joining CMO, and for the first time ever, we’ve now got a CONSISTENT approach to our online marketing and it is really showing in the numbers!”

Shaina Clemons, Breakaway PT, Crofton, MD

“We added over $250,000 year one and the QUALITY of leads has gone up”

“The calendar year BEFORE we signed up Paul’s online marketing service we made just under $600k in annual revenue… one year later, having signed up, we had made over $850k… a $250k increase.

As we looked at Q1 in 2022 we were averaging less then 25-30 new patients per MONTH, in Q1 of 2023, we are generating that same volume in a WEEK!

The difference has been amazing and what is best of all, the QUALITY of the leads means it’s really easy to book on schedule

Keith Roed, Impact Physical Therapy, Akron, IA

“My TIME is now freed up to run the business”

“Before CMO, in order for marketing to happen – I had to do it! And because of that it was never done consistently. What CMO has done for me is allowed me to spend more time on the business and with the type of patients I want to spend time with.

At first I worried that this would be a “one size fits all” approach to my content, but the Team have done an amazing job at representing my VOICE in the content they push out for me.

What was really cool is that the first email the CMO TEAM sent had 66 RESPONSES from past patients…”

Cody Barnett, BodyWorx Physical Therapy, Wichita, KS

CMO: Get Your Online Marketing Done For You, Finally Sort Out Your Website and Social Media – And CONSISTENTLY Bring In More Of The Type of Patients That Make Running A Profitable Practice a Reality.
And Here Are Just Some of the Things We Will Do for You In CMO…
When you join CMO, you can be assured that your marketing assistant will be a trained expert from the Paul Gough Team. Every person who works on your business is employed by and trained by Paul Gough. Here’s just some of what they will be doing for you:

1. Google Ads Management

Most of our private practice owners join because they want to be number 1 on Google. Understandable. It is the biggest search engine in the world and anyone who is searching for “Best physical therapy practice near me” is obviously going to be a good quality lead for your practice.

I’ve been running Google Ads at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms since 2010 and have gone on to spend $100,000’s with Google. I’ve probably spent more money on Google than any other private practice owner on the planet.

I now have a team of Google experts who manage Google Ads for us and it’s rare for us to find a Google account where we can’t double the number of calls and reduce the amount of money being spent. Our number one aim is to structure your campaigns so that you end up owning your market place or town – that is anytime someone searches in your 15 mile radius, they will find you!

2. Website Design and Management

Obviously, your website is at the heart of your business, and with my team managing your online strategy for you, we will be implementing world-class web strategies – and obsessing on maximising your conversions, whether you are seeking sales or leads.

What we do for you depends on your needs. If you need a completely new website for your PT practice, we’ll build it for you using proven ‘PG Style’ direct response marketing methods that bring in hundreds of new patients from my own practice website.

Or, perhaps you want one of our NEW and Exclusive to Paul Gough Media “Authority Sites” where we build you a completely new website that is different from your “typical” PT website and positions you as the EXPERT in your field.

Whatever you want to be known as the EXPERT in – for example back pain or sports injuries – we will build you a brand-new website and direct all of the content / online marketing we do for you to that site to dramatically boost response.

3. Online Video Production

When you hire my team to run all your online marketing, we will be elevating your PT business to an entirely new level so that you can claim the number 1 position in your field, in your town and leave the competition wondering what hit them.

While they are all wondering why their out of date, slow to load, mostly generic and bland website isn’t working, you will have an up to date website that Google loves with highly produced VIDEOS and relevant content that sets you apart from your bland competitors.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to achieve an obvious distinction between you and your competitors. We put a lot of effort into producing videos for your new Authority Site for use on your website, in social media and on YouTube by our team on your behalf.

4. Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management

It is highly likely that Facebook, along with Instagram, is one of the biggest untapped profit centres in your private practice. Many are using Facebook and Instagram – which is good. But sadly, most are using it wrong and in fact many are in fact doing more harm than good by turning more people off than on to their service.

Facebook’s ability to use its Artificial Intelligence to find you patients at the lowest price is extraordinary – whatever type of practice you own. But it has become increasingly complicated, and you need a team that knows what it’s doing to really mine the Facebook gold.

5. Social Media Management

Your business must have a strong social media presence. Across the year, we’ll manage it all for you, including weekly routines that highlight things happening in your business in real time and all of our posts are made by a REAL PERSON who gets to know you and your business. This includes:  
  • Creating or redesigning your Facebook business page
  • Creating or redesigning your Instagram business page
  • Write and post weekly posts for Facebook and Instagram
  • With the stunning rise of Google’s desire to help more small businesses than ever, we will also set up and manage your Google Places / Google Business Page and make sure there are regular updates there.

6. Email Marketing

One of the big frustrations business owners experience is not having TIME to write copy or not having anyone who is any good at it to do it for them. That includes key copy for things like websites, videos, social media and EMAILS.

When you hire one of my marketing assistants, you will be hiring someone who LOVES to write content. All of our assistants have a significant background in writing copy for use on the internet. It is a pre-requisite of even getting an interview with Paul Gough Media.

It is very likely that you are losing a lot of money by not having someone who can write compelling copy for you as you won’t have emails going out to new leads and past patients that makes them want to come back and see you. We will write and implement those emails for you, leaving you free to treat patients and grow the practice. The written word is prhaps the most important in considering the success of any marketing and it’s why if you haven’t got someone who is good at writing great copy you will have experienced a lack of results in the past. We can fix that for you.

7. Natural SEO/Content Updates

There’s never been a more important time be regularly updating your website with good quality content that is rich in keywords that Google users are searching for. Google has moved well away from the past practice of promoting websites based on “back links” to the more appropriate method of rewarding websites that have great content that will give users a great and relevant experience.

It’s called “Natural SEO” and to get the rewards Google wants to give you, it’s important that your website is updated with regular articles that people with back or knee pain etc want to read. If you do that, you’re already instantly ahead of your competition as they likely stopped doing it two weeks after the got their new website and the buzz wore off.

When you hire one of my assistants, we will take care of this writing for you and make sure that your website is also benefiting from having content rich copy that is engaging and interesting posted to your website regularly.

8. Post Cards to Past Patients

As much as I love the move towards online marketing, there is still a place for OFFLINE marketing and postcards to past patients are still one of the most effective ways to make money.

As part of your partnership with Paul Gough Media, we will write and organize past patient reactivation post cards for you so that all you have to do is send them out from your office to patients who want to hear from you and most likely are looking for any excuse to come back to spend money with you.

And so much more…

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More Physical Therapist's thoughts on the amazing CMO program

“From 3 patients a day – to an average of 25!”

“How good is it? Well, a bad day for me BEFORE Paul’s team was just 3 patients, now I average 25 patients per day. It has changed everything for me”

“Since CMO, I’ve grown by 200%. When I joined I was only seeing an average of 58 visits per WEEK, now I am seeing 140 – and I have wait list.

If you have any doubts, why? Just get Paul’s team to do this for you. Do what ever they tell you and spend what ever they tell you. I’ve been able to hire 4 more staff as a result of the extra call volume”

Nick Halkidis, Physio-For-Surgery, Toronto, Canada

“Without CMO we would never get our marketing DONE!”

“I was originally in Sherpa… I loved the information and knew I needed to do it… I just couldn’t find the time…

“Since joining CMO I now have a waitlist. I can not imagine how we would have ever gotten our marketing done without CMO. Google alone gives us at least 20 new leads per month.

CMO is definitely one of the most powerful services Paul has put together. We get campaigns executed flawlessly without dropping leads.”

Tiffany Kriz, Kriz Physical Therapy, Bonita Springs, FL

“More of the RIGHT FIT patients”

“Our pediatric clinic got so busy so quickly that we immediately had to think about hiring another practitioner. We’d tried Google ads with another provider and it was “ok”, but when we switched to Paul’s team something really changed.

“We got more of the right fit, perfect type of patients (cash pay!) and the most important thing for us is that we get our marketing executed consistently and reliably and we can concentrate on other things – like treating patients that we love to do”

Ross Nakaji, Los Gatos Orthopedic Sports Therpay, California

The One Simple Understanding That Sets The 7 Figure Entrepreneur Apart from The Rest…

I am privileged to know some very wealthy, successful private practice owners. Many of them are working with my team right now. They are all very different people from very different backgrounds.

But the one thing they have in common is the humility to acknowledge this simple fact about success – and particularly about online marketing:

You can’t do it alone!

When I look at the business world – and particularly online marketing, it feels like we blinked, and everything got ten times more complicated. There used to be one way to bid on Google. It was called Pay-per-click. Now there are at least eight. There used to be a few targeting options on Facebook, now there are thousands.

We used to be able to build a website that looked good on one device – a computer. Now we have to build sites that will work on hundreds of combinations of computers, phones and operating systems. You used to just need to find a decent web designer to succeed. Now you need a web designer, web developer, copywriter, video producer, social media expert, mobile expert, email marketing expert etc etc. World class marketing demands a world class team and above all else:


If you can commit to CONSISTENLY implementing your marketing, you WILL see the results in your bank account. Be honest, for most people, this consistency is probably all that is getting in the way of that happening and all that is in the way of that is your hiring the right person.

Make no mistake, this is a rare and valuable opportunity to put that problem to bed and become the EXPERT that everyone in your town knows and talks about anytime physical therapy is mentioned. In one decision, this can be a turning point that your PT business has been looking for – and in real terms, it won’t cost you anything. Come and find out more about CMO, here:

Best wishes,

Paul Gough

P.S You can email paul@paulgough.com if you are having any issues with this webpage or have questions about the booking process…